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A commercial building is a huge investment, there’s always a lot of money tied up in these structures which is why it’s important to take care of them. If you let things slide and skimp on maintenance and repairs, the value of the building will drop precipitously. More concerning yet is the fact that depending on the nature of your business, you could be shut down if sufficiently serious problems go left unchecked. One of the most important aspects of any commercial building is its electrical system. Here’s a breakdown of common electrical problems in commercial buildings and how to address them.

Flickering Lights and Tripping Breakers

If the breakers in your commercial building are tripping frequently it’s a bad sign. It could mean that there is a ground fault, a short circuit, or that the circuits are being overloaded. When your breakers won’t stop tripping, you need to shut the electric down and get in touch with a professional electrician to schedule the appropriate repairs. When you don’t shut the electric off, the circuits will overheat which could cause an electrical fire that will burn the whole place down.

Flickering lights are another common electrical problem with commercial buildings. The primary cause of flickering lights are poor connections which can be remedied inexpensively. That said, don’t wait too long to schedule the repairs. When those poor connections go left unchecked for too long more serious damage will develop. It will also be more expensive to fix after neglecting the problem and turning it into a bigger one.

Sparks That Lead to Electrical Fires

If you notice sparks are emitted whenever you plug in machines or appliances, you’re going to need to call an electrician. This is a fairly common problem with commercial buildings and it means that the wiring is burning up which could soon lead to an electrical fire. Whenever you see sparks, shut the electric off and call an electrician.

Dead Outlets and Unprotected Wiring

Dead outlets and unprotected wiring are two common electrical problems that affect commercial buildings. Dead outlets reduce productivity as most commercial buildings rely on a constant and plentiful supply of electricity to operate. Dead outlets are typically caused by bad circuit connections which can cause electrical fires.

Unprotected wiring is a serious yet common issue with commercial buildings, especially for new owners. For those of you who just recently purchased a commercial building, you should schedule an appointment with a professional electrician to have everything checked out to make sure it’s up tp code, especially the wiring. Some of the most serious electrical problems are caused by improperly installed wiring.

Does Your Commercial Building Have Electrical Problems? Call Fusion Electric

Savvy owners always keep a reliable electrician on hand to perform preventative maintenance on their buildings. Preventative maintenance saves people a lot of money and a lot of headaches. Fusion Electric is one of the most reliable outfits in the business in the Kansas City area.

Having electrical issues with your commercial building in Kansas City? Get in touch with the pros at Fusion Electric today!

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