Electrical Safety During Summer

Electrical Safety During Summer

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As the summer months approach, you may be wondering how to best practice electric safety during the summer. For Kansas City homeowners, ensuring your families have fun and are also safe during summer break is crucial. At Fusion Electric, our team of professional electricians know the critical importance of understanding and practicing electrical safety. In this guide, we’ll offer tips to remain safe around electricity while you’re enjoying the summer.

Powerline Electrical Safety During Summer

As you and your family spend more time outside your home during the summer, it’s crucial to make sure everyone understands how to be safe around power lines. No one should ever touch a power line, and if a downed power line is observed, always assume the wire is live, do not approach the area, and instead call the proper officials to deal with the hazard.

Make sure your kiddos who may be climbing trees this summer understand to never climb trees next to a powerline. If they do, they risk weighing down a branch that may come in contact with the line.

Be Aware of Water and Electrical Appliances

The summer months often increase the risk of shock or electrocution around household appliances and equipment. If your family is enjoying the pool or playing in the water on the lawn, make sure they understand to never handle plugged-in electrical appliances when wet.

It’s always a good idea to have plenty of towels handy around water-based activities so people can adequately dry off before touching electronics.

Make sure all electronics are kept away from water sources, especially around pools and bathtubs where a young child might try to bring an electronic toy into the water.

Install GFCIs

In “wet” areas of the home, such as the kitchen, bathroom, garage, and pool area, make sure that all outlets are protected by ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) GFCIs will immediately interrupt the circuit flow through a wire if water is conducting electricity from an appliance, preventing electrocution.

Practice Good Electrical Safety During Summer and Pay Attention to the Weather

About 240 people are injured, and about 25 killed, each year in the US from lightning strikes. When playing or swimming outside during the summer, it’s crucial to be aware of the weather forecast and make plans to move to a safe location in the event of lightning.

Make sure your family understands to move inside if a thunderstorm occurs and to stay indoors until the danger has passed.

Check the State of Your Appliance Cords and Extension Cords

As more appliances, tools, and equipment are used during summer activities, it’s important to check the state of all your appliance and extension cords.

It can be helpful to make a list and move through the house checking each cord and making a note of any frayed or otherwise damaged wires. If you spot a damaged wire, immediately unplug it and get a replacement. Large appliances should not simply ve plugged into an extension cord if their wiring is frayed as this can cause a dangerous power surge.

Install AFCI Outlets

As more power is often used during summer activities, it can be important to have arc fault circuit interrupter outlets installed in high-power use areas of the home, such as the living room, bedrooms, or garage. The ARCIs outlets will immediately interrupt a circuit if a faulty arc is detected, preventing a power surge that could damage or destroy your electronics, and even lead to a house fire.

Electrical Safety During Summer: Call in the Pros at Fusion Electric

If you want to make sure your Kansas City home’s electrical system is safe and ready to go for the summer months, our team of professional electricians can perform a thorough safety inspection. If you know it’s time to practice good electrical safety during summer by scheduling an inspection, upgrade, or repairs, contact our team today and see what we can do for you.

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