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If your building requires electrical work, you may be wondering how to find a reputable, high-quality Kansas City electrician. Working with a certified, professional electrician is critical to ensuring safety and quality of work.

At Fusion Electric, as a company of certified, professional electricians with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a 5-star google rating, we understand the importance of operating with expertise and integrity. In this guide, we’ll discuss how you can make sure you’re working with a licensed, reliable, and reputable Kansas City electrician.

Look at Reviews

Whenever you’re researching a company to potentially work with, especially in relation to specialty work, it’s crucial to check customer reviews. If you have an electrical company in mind that you want to work with, search the company and see what previous customers have to say. If the reviews are overwhelmingly positive, your research shouldn’t stop there, but you’ll know that the company is certainly worth looking into further.

If, however, the reviews are largely negative, it’s best to believe the reviews and steer clear of the company. A negative review here or there may be due to a miscommunication or something similar, but if many people are warning against the company, the best thing to do is take their advice and move on to searching for a different electrical company.

At Fusion Electric, we’re proud to have a 5-star google rating based on hundreds of positive reviews. We take providing excellent electrical services seriously, and our customer reviews reflect this commitment.

Is the Company Operating with Integrity?

The electrical company may perform good work, but it’s also important to ensure that they interact with their customers with integrity. If, for example, the company provides a quote but then suddenly raises it significantly without being willing to provide an explanation, that may be a sign that they do not treat their customers well.

Check the Better Business Bureau rating of the electrical company you’re considering working with and make sure they have an excellent rating. If you find customer complaints and a low BBB rating, it’s best to avoid working with the company.

At Fusion Electric, our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau reflects our commitment to operating with integrity, accountability, and professionalism.

Check The Website of the Kansas City Electrician

An excellent, reputable electrical company should have an excellent, easy-to-navigate website. When researching the website, look for a list of services, an explanation of the company’s background, customer testimonials, educational material, and a contact page.

The company should be easy to reach through the website and should respond within a timely manner. If the company you are researching does not have a website or accessible way to contact them, then we suggest moving on to a company that has put the time and effort into its online presence.

At Fusion Electric, our website explains the background of our company, lists our residential and commercial services, and has an educational blog, customer testimonials, and a contact page and contact form.

We want to ensure our Kansas City area customers can easily research our business, learn about our services, read reviews, and easily and quickly contact us as needed.

Make Sure the Kansas City Electrician is Licensed

An enormously important part of working with a reputable electrician is ensuring that they are licensed. Electricians must go through years of schooling and levels of apprenticeships before working on their own as an electrician. If the company or individual electrician will not provide proof of certification, this is a huge red flag to walk away.

At Fusion Electric, our team of professional electricians is certified to work and participate in ongoing education to ensure our work is always up-to-date, within code, effective, and conforms to the highest standards of quality and safety.

Contact the Pros at Fusion Electric

At Fusion Electric, we’re proud to offer the highest quality electrical services in the Kansas City area. If your building needs electrical work, choose the best Kansas City electrician for the job and contact us today!

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