Importance of Pool Lighting Installation for Summer

Importance of Pool Lighting Installation for Summer

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As you gear up for the warm months, consider pool lighting installation for your Kansas City area home. Pool lighting can increase safety, fun, the appearance of your pool area, and the value of your home. If you’re thinking about a summer upgrade to your home consider pool lighting installation.

At Fusion Electric, our team of licensed, expert electricians can provide beautiful, effective, and safe lighting for indoor and outdoor pool areas. In this guide, we discuss the importance of installing lighting for your pool.


Of course, safety is always of the utmost importance for households, especially when swimming and hanging out near bodies of water. By having lighting installed around and in your pool, the pool, pathways, and the surrounding area will be easier to safely traverse at night. This is especially important to prevent pets or others from accidentally wandering too close to the pool edge at night.

Many summer pool parties occur or last into the night, and properly installed lighting ensures that guests can safely enjoy the party without bumping into one another, tripping, or accidentally falling into the pool. For night swimmers, lighting is crucial to safely enjoy the pool.

If an injury or accident does occur at night in or around the pool, lighting will help ensure that you can quickly identify and assist the injured person.

Extends Pool Use

Installing lighting in and around the pool can extend the time you can enjoy your pool in the summer. With pool lighting, you don’t have to restrict swimming to daylight hours. Your household and guests can now enjoy the pool during nighttime events and activities. Pool lighting can be perfect for nighttime summer barbecues and similar gatherings.

Improve Appearance with Pool Lighting Installation

Pool lighting can significantly improve the appearance of your pool and surrounding area. You can choose from many different types of lights, colors, and effects. A popular choice is to light up the area around the pool with soft, neutral lighting, and to light up the pool under the water with colorful LEDs.

You can also line the pool edge with a string of lights and add a few single light fixtures into the pool. With pool lighting, the possibilities are numerous, and with a thoughtful design and installment, your pool area will look magnificent.

At gatherings and events, guests who don’t want to swim can still enjoy the beautifully lit area. The lighting creates a welcoming space to relax next to the water.

Increased Home Value with Pool Lighting Installation

Thoughtfully designed and correctly installed lighting often increases the value of a home. Potential buyers often look for listings with unique and beautiful lighting fixtures as this improves the beauty and functionality of a home.

Well-maintained pools can increase the value of a home by tens of thousands of dollars, and with beautiful and functional pool lighting, the value can increase even more. With pool lighting installation, a potential buyer will likely be attracted to the beauty of the lit area at night and the ability to use the pool at all hours.

Call In the Pool LIghting Pros at Fusion Electric

Whether you’re interested in a complete lighting overhaul or a simple installation, adding lighting to your pool and surrounding area is a great idea. We always recommend hiring a reputable, professional and licensed electrician for your home’s electrical installation. If you live in the Kansas City area and want to improve the look, functionality, and safety of your pool this summer, call the electrical pros at Fusion Electric for your pool lighting installation.

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