Why You Need to Hire a Licensed Electrician When You Remodel or Build Your Kansas City Home

Call a Licensed Electrician from Fusion Electric When You RemodelWhen you’re remodeling your home, it’s easy to forget that you probably need to hire an electrician too. A remodeling project requires a lot of work from you, your building contractor, and your electrician. Without the work of a licensed electrician you could end up with some big problems. Fusion Electric explains why you should call us the next time you remodel a part of your home.

Junction Boxes Can Get Covered

This is a very common problem in remodeling projects, new additions, and even new builds. Many times, without the guidance of a licensed electrician your contractor or builder will cover up your junction boxes, which is where your wires connect to an outlet or ceiling light fixture. This is not only a pain, because you’ll have to cut a hole in your dry wall to get to it again, but if you forget where it is located, and never find it, it can become a fire hazard for your home. You should never have open wires exposed behind your walls. If they get heated, or snag on insulation or wood, it could start a fire.

Improperly Sized Wiring

Another issue we see a lot in remodeling projects gone wrong, is wiring that isn’t sized correctly for your home’s needs. The size of your breaker will determine the type and size of wires needed in your home, but oftentimes non-licensed electricians will go the cheap route and install whatever wire they can find for a lesser price, or they simply have no idea that wire size matters. But you end up paying later when your circuit breaker blows and you’re without power until you get a proper electrician to address the problem.

A Handyman Isn’t the Same Thing

We highly suggest you choose a licensed electrician over a handyman when it comes to your remodeling and building projects in the future. A handyman may be able to take care of lots of problems in your home, but that doesn’t mean he’s trained and knowledgeable on all of them. Fusion Electric’s electricians are highly trained and educated on the latest electrical procedures and laws. We will be sure to do the job right the first time, which saves you money and keeps your family safer. Isn’t that worth the peace of mind?

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