Outdoor Space Lighting Upgrades to Consider this Fall

Outdoor Space Lighting Upgrades

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We can’t wait to show you some of these awesome ideas for outdoor space lighting upgrades. This is a great way to add a new layer of luxury and ambiance to your backyard, garden, patio, swimming pool, or hot tub. The opportunities for upgrades are extensive, but we’ll cover a few of them in this article.

Our Favorite Outdoor Space Lighting Upgrades for the Fall

The fall is such a great time to enjoy outdoor activities following the heavy summer heat but before the winter cold forces everyone back indoors. These are a few popular lighting ideas to think about this fall.

  • Install New Porch or Patio Lighting
    If you want to continue grilling food or hosting parties into the evening, you’ll want to invest in some good lighting. Some of this can involve DIY strand lighting for overhangs, but you can also wire together an entirely new lighting system with LEDs of various hues and colors.
  • Light Paths Along Sidewalks
    Once we hit another daylight savings shift, it’ll get darker even earlier, which means you may want extra light along your walkways. This is also becoming a distinguishing feature among nicer homes in Kansas City. You might hear folks call this pathway landscape lighting, and it’s also a decent deterrent against intruders.
  • Lanterns, Sconces, and Other Fixtures
    Not every project has to involve an entire reconstruction of your exterior. Perhaps you’d just like to jazz up your front door with a nice lantern light or some light sconces around your home to sprinkle more light into the dark areas.

A Few Other Outdoor Ideas

Have you ever thought about getting a hot tub for your pack patio? This is a fun upgrade if you have some money saved for the purchase. This is a big electrical task we enjoy performing, and you can do it in tandem with other outdoor lighting renovations.

It may be the wrong time of year for swimming pools, but you might think about getting ready for next summer with this popular outdoor enhancement. It’s an even bigger project, but homeowners always enjoy their pools. Call Fusion Electric to help you install all the lighting and electrical components if you ever choose to buy a backyard pool.

More on Outdoor Porch Lighting

We want to devote a little more discussion to the benefits of outdoor porch lighting since it’s a big hit among Kansas City homeowners. There are many advantages to adding new porch lighting to your home.

  • Get more light around your doorway when you’re trying to unlock and open your door in the dark.
  • It’s a nice place to relax with loved ones even at dusk.
  • Porch lights add more safety and security to your home.
  • It can complement the other aesthetic components of your home like your front side garden, portico, pathways, and so forth.
  • Illuminating your porch makes your home appear more inviting to friends while simultaneously deterring burglars.
  • Both homes and businesses can qualify for better insurance rates with solid exterior lighting because of the improved security.

We’re big proponents of outdoor porch lighting for all these reasons. You know you can count on us if you decide to take on this or any other major outdoor electrical project.

Professional Installation Services for All Outdoor Space Lighting Upgrades with Fusion Electric

Fusion Electric provides reliable and affordable electrical upgrade services for folks in Kansas City, including surrounding communities like Overland Park and Lee’s Summit. Make your outdoor living even better this fall with new porch/patio lights, ceiling fans, or jacuzzi lights.

If one of these upgrade projects catches your eye, we invite you to check out the rest of our website to discover what we offer. When you work with one of our licensed and certified electricians, you can count on prompt and thorough service. We also take every precaution with safe electrical installation in accordance with all the appropriate electrical codes.

Contact us today to find out about outdoor space lighting upgrades and any other electrical services for your home in Kansas City.

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