Outdoor Speakers for Every Patio Personality


Imagine the perfect patio party filled with great company, beautiful weather, delicious food, and most importantly great music!

No one likes to sit in silence while they sip in the sunshine, which is why Fusion Electric is bringing the party outside with our outdoor speaker guide! Whether you’re a backyard rocker, or a lazy lounger, we’re breaking down the best outdoor speakers for every patio dweller in your home!

For the Backyard Bon Jovi


Although you may not be the favorite neighbor, you’re a sucker for an outdoor concert. In your case, we recommend going big with permanently installed speakers.

Permanently installed speakers are ideal for homeowners with a big backyard needing lots of sound in different areas. Permanent speakers come with mounting brackets that allow you to choose the location they’ll be installed on your home, and change the angle to better reach your listeners.

Most permanent speaker options are weatherproof, meaning they can handle direct rain, sun, and cold temperatures, making them a great option for homeowners in areas that experience all four seasons, like Kansas City.

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For the Garden Dwelling Green Thumb


Gardeners, prepare to meet your gadget. If you’re looking for great speakers that won’t take away from that garden you’ve spent so much time and effort in, we recommend rock or planter speakers.

Both types of speakers come in all different styles that combine look and function, while also providing great sound. The most popular of the two is the rock speaker, because there are so many options to blend in with your backyard.

However, if you want something to enhance your garden aesthetically, planter speakers offer a customizable touch to a functional outdoor essential. These planter speakers are lovely to look at and are an up-and-coming alternative for outdoor speakers.

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For the Patio Party Hopper


If you’re the type of person who loves to control the tunes, but just can’t seem to stay in the same place, we recommend portable outdoor speakers.

There are thousands of portable speakers on the market, and plenty of them pack a great punch, but not all of these speakers are made for the outdoors. If you’re planning to bring your speakers poolside or around a rowdy crowd, consider taking a look at these popular waterproof speakers.

Portable speakers are also great because of their bluetooth capabilities. This way, when one playlist starts to get stale, your other guests can connect to the speaker and take over.

Important Note: Even if your portable speakers are weather resistant, they aren’t meant to be left outside long term. Be sure to bring them back inside when you pack up the party!

Last But Not Least

When it comes to installing intricate outdoor speakers, make sure to call the professionals. Trying to install patio speakers on your own can be dangerous, and if not installed properly, can cost a lot of money to fix.

If you think you may be in over your head, give Fusion Electric a call at (913) 563-7975 or visit our website and we’ll help address all of your electrical needs.




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