Possible Reasons Why Your Outlet Isn’t Working

Reasons Why Your Outlet Isn’t Working

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We want to help you determine the reasons why your outlet isn’t working properly. There are many various causes, which are all within our service competency. Once you know what the issues are, you can address the minor problems yourself, or contact Fusion Electric to handle major difficulties.

Common Reasons Why Your Outlet Isn’t Working

We’ll start with some of the less serious outlet issues that are often a quick fix.

  • Half-Hot Outlets
    Half-hot outlets are ones you could switch on and off in tandem with your light fixtures. This is because they have multiple plugs. If you notice your outlet is working, one of the first things you should do is flicker the nearest light switch to turn on/off the lights or fans.
  • Blown Fuses
    Just like in your car, a blown or loose fuse will cause the outlet to stop working. All you have to do is check the fuse box, identify the fuse, and inspect it to see if the filament has been damaged. These are easy to replace by visiting a home improvement store.
  • Circuit Breaker Trips
    Sometimes circuit breakers trip during peak usage. This occurs when the electrical output exceeds the voltage capacity. It could be a sign of bigger problems, but if it happens infrequently, you can reset the breaker and the outlet should work again. Also, a similar problem occurs if your outlet has a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) that trips. These are the ones with reset buttons that are easy to adjust as well.

Other Serious Reasons Why Your Outlet Isn’t Working

What do you do if your outlet doesn’t respond to simple fixes?

It’s possible for an outlet to burn out entirely. You will need to replace any outlet that has burn marks or produces a burning smell. This means there’s already been a small fire, and it could be much worse if you don’t address the problem.

Then there’s also the potential for short circuits, which might be the case if you try to reset your circuit breaker, but to no avail. This requires you to replace the outlet, which involves taking it apart, removing old wires, soldering new ones to the wiring system, and retesting the outlet. There’s a little technique to this, which makes the job a better task for a qualified electrician.

When Faulty Wiring is the Real Culprit

Sometimes a bad outlet is a symptom of much greater electrical problems like faulty wiring. Unfortunately, when that’s the case, you may need to consider some more extensive electrical renovation throughout your home. We’re always happy to do an electrical safety inspection, but before we do that, familiarize yourself with these warning signs of a wiring problem.

  • You have an older home that was built before modern wiring codes and regulations. These houses sometimes have ungrounded wires and obsolete outlets.
  • You’re noticing flickering lights, more frequent power trips, and even minor shocks.
  • You notice a slight burning smell, which would indicate burnt wires and a serious fire hazard.

If you notice any of these problems, don’t hesitate to call an electrician. You can learn more about this topic if you review our previous article on how to know it’s time to rewire your home.

Fusion Electric Can Address All Electrical Problems in Your Home in Kansas City

You don’t have to handle stubborn or dangerous outlets by yourself. When in doubt, call the pros at Fusion Electric to help diagnose and resolve problems. We handle all manners of repair, service upgrades, and enhancements, including light fixture installation and rewiring.

Most of what we’ve mentioned are not DIY projects, so we invite you to take advantage of our services. Before you do, though, you should review some of our positive testimonials from satisfied customers who had the same outlet and wiring difficulties. It’s well worth the peace of mind to get professional assistance.

If you still aren’t sure what’s causing your electrical problems, you can always contact Fusion Electric to inspect your home and identify all the reasons why your outlet isn’t working.

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