Remodeling Your Kansas City Home? Don’t Make These Lighting Mistakes

lighting mistakes kansas city

Remodeling a home can be an exciting adventure, that said, the process still has its challenges. One of the trickiest parts of a remodel is the lighting. You should always consult with a qualified electrician when taking on a remodeling project. We’ve assembled a list of some of the worst lighting mistakes to make when remodeling a home. These tips can save you a lot of money by helping you avoid making costly lighting mistakes.

Don’t Forget to Install Dimmer Switches

Although most people are accustomed to turning lights on and off with the flip of a switch, dimmer switches are much more advantageous. Dimmer switches offer the ability to adjust the brightness of the light it controls. You can use dimmer switches to control the ambiance of each room in your home.

Many people find themselves in the undesirable scenario of having spaces with either too much light or no light at all. Even if the spacing of your lights is not ideal, you can work around that problem with dimmer switches.

Fright Light, the Consequences of Poor Lighting Choices in the Bathroom and How to Avoid Them

If your bathroom is lit with only one single ceiling light, you might not be greeted with a particularly flattering reflection when you look in the mirror. Bathrooms with a single bulb have bad lighting that can mar your reflection with shadows on your face that highlight bags and wrinkles.

To get the best bathroom lighting, you’ll need sconces installed and placed at eye-level. Eye-level sconces provide superior lighting compared to suspended lights. When you have Fusion Electric install sconces you’ll always look your best!

Installing Light Fixtures That Are the Wrong Size

Installing light switches that are the wrong size is more common than you think, it’s actually a pretty easy mistake to make. When you’re looking at lighting fixtures at a store, it’s difficult to picture exactly how they would look in your home. It’s even more difficult to envision how a light fixture would actually look in your home when you’re shopping for them online. Even the placement of ceiling fans can affect the lighting quality in a room.

You should for example avoid placing large light fixtures like tiny chandeliers or pendant lamps over comparatively large objects like a kitchen island or a dining table will result in poor lighting. Add a touch of perfection to your remodeling project with Fusion Electric, our technicians know how to determine the ideal size of all of the light fixtures your home will need for the perfect remodel.

There Are No Recessed Lights

Sometimes it’s better to forget clunky hanging light fixtures altogether and use recessed lights instead. Any modern home remodeling project should incorporate the addition of recessed lights. If you’re remodeling a home and don’t upgrade to recessed lights, you could be making a huge mistake.

Recessed lights make a statement, one that says you’re modern and refined. These lights add a certain sleekness to the room and provide an unparalleled ambiance.

Don’t Just Remodel Your House, Revolutionize it, with Fusion Electric

Fusion Electric has the expertise to help Kansas City homeowners make the best choices on lighting when remodeling. Our electrical experts have worked with countless homeowners over the years and remain committed to helping customers achieve their goals. At Fusion electric we understand the importance of lighting in a home. We install the lights that you and your family eat dinner under at the table, or even on the couch for that matter, we install living room lights too!

Want to remodel your home? Have a chat with Fusion Electric to make sure you avoid costly lighting mistakes!



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