Safety Tips for Kansas City Commercial Wiring

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Looking for help with your Kansas City commercial wiring? Due to the amount of energy a commercial building uses, their needs are different from a residence.

These buildings are full of equipment and appliances that rely on regular electricity to function and keep the businesses going. But, if something goes wrong, it can be a huge safety concern.

Safety Tips for Kansas City Commercial Wiring

Keeping a commercial building cool, warm, comfortable, and safely providing energy to all its inhabitants is a full-time job. Making sure it stays that way is up to everyone.


Keep outlets cleared of boxes or furniture. Blocking them can cause the cords that are plugged in to get bent or broken. They should not be overloaded with more than the recommended appliances.

Don’t add multi-outlet adapters to places where you need more outlets. This can overload the circuits. All outlets near water, like kitchens, washrooms, laundry facilities, and basements should be equipped with GFCIs.

Watch for damaged outlets. Cracks, discoloration, black marks, plugs that don’t, or sparks when you plug something in are just the beginning of the problems that lie behind.

This goes for extension cords, as well. These cords are not meant to handle running several large appliances. They can get frayed or damaged, be a tripping hazard, and a fire hazard.

Electric Cords

Faulty cords on appliances are a major cause of fires. Frayed, bent, broken, or torn cords need to be replaced or discarded. These can cause fires, cause shocks and electrocution, and pose a major problem for the entire area.

Even the smallest split exposes the inside wires, and these become vulnerable and a potential fire or shock hazard. If they get damp or exposed to moisture, they can cause many problems.


Keeping appliances in perfect working order is a must. They get used all day, sometimes every day. They can get worn out and cause electrical problems. Printers, computers, microwaves, refrigerators, fans, air conditioners, and more.

They should be inspected regularly to check for cracks, shorts, broken switches, or things that simply don’t work properly. It is good practice to unplug as many as you can at the end of the day, to avoid problems when no one is there.

Lights and Light Switches

If the lights regularly flicker, or bulbs burnt out too quickly in certain areas, it is time to call the electrician. Kansas City commercial wiring doesn’t last forever.

If you see dark patches around a light switch or it gives off shocks, then it needs to be looked at. When changing light bulbs, make sure the power source is shut off. People get shocks and electrocuted from faults in the lighting systems.

Regular Inspections for your Kansas City Commercial Wiring

Get your commercial building’s wiring system inspected regularly. Don’t wait until there is a problem before you call the professionals. Regular inspections can save money from damages and injury.

The best tip for safety is education and prevention. Make sure everyone in the commercial building is aware of the dangers of faulty electricity and what they can do to keep the space and everyone in it safe.

If you need an inspection for your Kansas City commercial wiring, just contact us here or give us a call at Fusion Electric. We can find any potential problems and help you and your whole team stay safe.

If everyone knows what to look for when it comes to electrical safety, then your workplace will be much safer. Keep an eye out, make a list, and make sure everyone is educated.

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