Should I Hire a Professional Lighting Designer?

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So, you’re considering or preparing to either build a home or business or are replacing existing lighting throughout your home or business and want to know if you should hire a professional lighting designer.

You came to the right place to learn more about lighting designers and whether or not you will want one.

Importance of Lighting

Lighting is a crucial part of living space, which means that the lighting design can really affect your home’s ambiance.

A lot of times, owners overlook just how crucial home design is when it comes to the lighting.

Lighting impacts everything within the home. The perfect lighting design will flow beautifully between the furniture and the color of the paint on the walls.

Additionally, the lighting needs to be bright enough to read and see clearly so that your eyes aren’t strained, but not too bright and cause you to squint.

Lighting professionals improve homes by designing lighting schemes to suit the architecture, interiors, and landscape. They usually work in conjunction with clients, architects, and interior designers to plan sophisticated and attractive lighting for new homes and renovations.

Benefits of Using a Professional Lighting Designer

Whether you decide to design the lights in your home or hire a professional, the basics of light and design need to be understood before designing the space.

The designer needs to understand the types of lighting and where the different types of lighting will work best in your unique home.

This could be the reason you seek out a professional lighting designer–because you don’t have time to learn all the basics of light and design.

Lighting designers know how to accentuate the important features of your home. They can assist in showing off artworks, uplighting architectural features, and downlighting the back of shelving in order to highlight objects.

Additionally, they know how to light up areas focused on reading, cooking, or desk work.

They understand the accent colors throughout the home and paint colors, so they’re able to choose LED lighting based on these tones and can bring out the best in their tones.

Different lighting works best with different materials and surfaces. Lighting professionals understand everything from the warmth of light color to brightness, angles, shapes, and shadows.

Lighting and design are more complicated than they may appear, so hiring a lighting designer is worth any cost when you do not have the time to learn lighting basics on your own time.

Recessed Lighting

This type of lighting is worth mentioning in case you want to design your own lighting because it can be used for any application you can think of.

Recessed lighting can be used as task, accent, or ambient lighting, depending on how it is used and needed in each area of the home.

If you’re unsure of how recessed lighting can be used for task, accent, or ambient lighting, then you should consider a lighting professional unless you have plenty of time to do research and learn lighting techniques.

Who Would Be a Good Lighting Designer?

Most experienced electricians are capable of putting together a plan that will meet your home’s needs.

You may already have an architect or interior designer for your renovation needs and want to use them for your lighting needs as well.

While they may be able to perform or suggest a simple grid of downlights throughout your home, a lighting professional will be able to suggest and create a more creative lighting scheme.

A lighting professional will be able to provide a more creative light scheme with layers. They know how to implement wall lights, floor lights, architectural illuminations, gentle wash lighting, strong accent lighting, pendants, and decorative lights.

I’m Ready To Hire a Professional Lighting Designer

Whether you’re remodeling a home and replacing lighting or building a new home and adding lighting, we would be thrilled to assist you with any questions or installation duties you may have for us.

Fusion Electric serves those in all residential and commercial electrical services throughout the Overland Park and Kansas City Metro area. Whether you’re looking to add lighting to your home or commercial business or seeking further advice on your lighting design, we are happy to help you.

We have received an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Let our qualified electricians at Fusion Electric light up your indoors and outdoors for the perfect ambiance throughout your household and property. Contact Fusion Electric today to discuss the use of a professional lighting designer with us!

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