Top Home Lighting Trends for 2021

Kansas City 2021 lighting trends

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Before we get into the lighting trends for the brand new year of 2021, let’s first talk about why lighting is essential to your home.

The lighting we choose for our homes is so much more than simply allowing us to see in the dark. It sets a mood, it speaks of our personality and taste, and it helps create an atmosphere.

You don’t want to use the same type of lighting throughout your home. You want each room and space to have its own special touch. It also needs to be appropriate for what you use each room for.

Lighting Trends for 2021

When it comes to the actual design of lighting, lamps, and shades, that is up to you and the design of your room. However, if we have learned anything this past year, it’s how to look better on our computer screens.

With everyone communicating online, it’s unlikely this will end anytime soon. Softer lighting can help cut back on glare and making you look washed out. Strategically placed lamps, low wattages, and lights that also accentuate the beauty of the room will make you and the room look great at your next online meeting.

Environmentally Friendly

In 2021, lighting trends and environment-friendliness go hand in hand. A constant move towards making our carbon footprint a bit smaller is always a good idea. Lower wattages, lamps and lighting fixtures that use less energy, and smaller, softer lights are becoming more and more popular.

They not only help save energy, but they can also really set a lovely ambiance to whatever room you have them in.

Kitchens need brighter lighting for cooking and food preparation, but they don’t need to be too bright for dining, talking, your morning coffee, or the evening homework.

This also extends to the type of materials you choose, as well. Lamps made from renewable sources, as well as repurposed materials, not only look great but you can feel good about using them.

You can get all the types of lampshades, lighting fixtures, and even chandeliers that resemble leaves, trees, stars, birds, and many other designs that take you back to nature.

Sleek and Simple

Solid colors without loud, busy patterns. Simple designs that light up the space but don’t overshadow it, and smaller, slightly hidden lights are very popular. If you are looking for recessed lighting in the bedroom or around a bookcase in the study.

Consider dimmers in the bathroom and several separate lighting options. Brighter lights for shaving and putting on makeup, but low, soft lights for the end of the day and a warm, relaxing bath.

Bedrooms also benefit from more than one lighting source. For bedroom lighting trends, main overhead lighting is needed, as are smaller, individual lights. Wall sconces, small lamps beside the bed with soft lighting, or lamps designed for reading can all be functional and beautiful.

Outdoor Lighting Lighting Trends

Once again, if 2020 has taught us any lessons about staying home, it is how to do it comfortably and in style. Porch lights, patio lights, lights along the walkway, motion detector lights, stringed lights for small gatherings and BBQs, and any type of security lights you want.

It’s easy to plan a theme for your lighting to match the style of your outdoor space. If you have a Japanese type of garden, get hanging lanterns to show it off and add to the beauty of it.

Consult The Professionals

If you are having a hard time deciding, why not ask the pros at Fusion Electric? They can answer any questions you might have about what types of lights will help conserve energy and all kinds of tips on what to do with each specific room.

The lighting in your home is so much more than helping you see.

Consult an Expert

Electrical issues can result in shock, injury, fire, mechanical damage, or damage to an electronic device. If you have your heart set on a particular home, have your electrician inspect it for you.

Contact Fusion Electric and take advantage of our special discounts. Get the home inspected before you buy so you know exactly what you are getting in to.

Not all of the electric problems will be obvious, but if there are a few that you can see, chances are, there will be a few more.

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