Troubleshooting Tips When Your Lights Won’t Turn On

Light Bulb OnYou walk through your garage, into your kitchen to set down the groceries, flip the light switch, and . . . nada. This annoying problem is quite common. No need to panic when the lights won’t turn on. The next time this happens to you, make sure you rule out any of these possibilities before you call for help. This can save you hassle and money.

Check The Bulb

First things first. Check the bulb(s). Is the bulb loose in its socket? Does it need to be screwed in a little tighter? Is the bulb blown and needs to be replaced? If you answered no to all of the above, time to move onto the next step.

Make Sure It Is Plugged In

If the light that won’t turn on is in a lighting fixture that requires a plug-in to an electrical outlet, check the outlet. Is it plugged in? Is it loose? Many times electrical plugs can come loose when moving furniture close by, or if someone trips over a cord sticking out too far. If none of these questions solved the problem, try the next test.

Try the Circuit Breaker

Are there any switches out of place? All the power in your home has to go through your service panel and circuit breakers to get to the place you need it. Sometimes a blown switch or a power surge can cause your circuit breaker to cut off power to certain outlets and parts of your home, and they just need to be reset with the flick of a switch. If flipping the switch back and forth didn’t return power, try this next test.

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Test the Outlet

Buy a $3 circuit tester at your local hardware store and test the outlet(s) that is of concern. The reading will tell you if power is still flowing. If not, you could have an unseen electrical wiring issue behind the walls of your home. At this point, there’s not much else you can do yourself, unless you are a skilled electrician.

Call the Experts

When all else fails, call the electrician team in Kansas City that you trust at Fusion Electric. Call us at 913-563-7975, and we’ll have you fixed up in no time with no hassle.