What are the Signs of Subpar Electrical Work?

signs of subpar electrical work

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We think all homeowners should know these subtle signs of subpar electrical work. Poor workmanship could have a detrimental effect on the safety and functionality of your electrical appliances and lighting. However, if you can recognize it early, it’s possible to fix the problem by getting in touch with a reliable electrical contractor for repairs.

Obvious Signs of Subpar Electrical Work

Below are just a few of the most common frustrations you may experience if you choose the wrong electrical company to work on your home or business.

  • Poorly Secured Wiring
    Sometimes wires can suffer damage if the electrician stapled them too tightly to the beams or studs. Of course, this should never occur in a modern home if they did everything in accordance with the National Electric Code. Alas, many of these issues are rampant in older homes that were built before today’s stricter safety regulations.
  • Wrong-Sized Wires
    It’s always a very dangerous problem to have the wrong wire sizes anywhere. This is a recipe for overheating, increased risk of shock and injury, and even a full-blown fire. These are also the same consequences one would expect from overloading a circuit with too many outlets.
  • No Wire Protection
    Wires must be grounded and protected from elemental damage. This involves taking precautions such as protecting your bathroom electrical from water or safeguarding the exterior wires from various outdoor hazards.

Other Electrical Red Flags

It’s always a risky gamble to let someone do unpermitted electrical work on your home. Sure, you might save money, but it could blow up in your face (sometimes literally). Poor electrical work might be hard to identify with the untrained eye until it turns into a fire, unexpected surge, or some other calamity.

Always beware of electrical red flags such as a burning rubber smell. That usually means wires are burning somewhere. If you encounter this, call us ASAP for an inspection.

You might also notice other nuisances like flickering lights, buzzing noises, hot electrical outlets, circuit breakers tripping all the time, or other odd occurrences. Don’t play around with something you deem to be minor or moderately unusual. Strange buzzing noises, for example, could emanate from a worn-out appliance motor, or it could be a writing problem or loose prong somewhere.

Don’t Try to DIY to Fix Bad Electrical Work

It may be tempting to tackle subpar electrical work by yourself. We came up with a list of electrical tasks you should never DIY. These are the kind of jobs you definitely need a trained, certified, and licensed electrician to perform safely.

  1. Installing new light fixtures (beyond changing out light bulbs).
  2. Anything involving upgrades to make your home compliant with local electrical codes.
  3. Updating outdated electrical panels (a common problem in older homes).
  4. Performing your own inspections.

These are all things that you should leave to the pros. It’s pretty similar to plumbing, heating, or AC repairs: major projects are not for regular handymen or homeowners. Contact Fusion Electric for the tough jobs because they require specific knowledge and skills to troubleshoot.

Contact Fusion Electric at the First Signs of Subpar Electrical Work

Very few contract companies can boast a perfect 5-star rating on Google reviews. We’re one of them, which is because of our reputation for professional electrical service in Kansas City. A large proportion of our work comes from correcting the mistakes and quick fixes that other electricians made.

You don’t have to tolerate shoddy electrical work. Plus, working with us means you can get free inspections and great deals on discounted panel upgrades and other repair tasks.

So, if you encounter any of these signs of subpar electrical work, call Fusion Electric to schedule service and remedy these problems once and for all.

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