What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing a Front Porch Light?

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There are actually many factors to consider when choosing a front porch light. This light will likely be the first light any visitors see when they come over, especially at night time.

You will want to choose a light that supports the ambiance of your home while also considering some other factors. This could make choosing a porch light a difficult task.

Are There Any Rules That I Should Be Aware Of?

One very important factor that not many people would think of without assistance, is whether or not there are any guidelines that need to be followed when adding or replacing outdoor lighting.

Some states actually require outdoor lighting to be energy efficient or dark sky compliant. So, when choosing your light bulbs and, by default, light fixtures for the bulbs, you need to take this into account if your state has this regulation.

Further, on a more local rather than state level, you may have restrictions or homeowner association guidelines that you must follow, which can include outdoor lighting regulations.

What Style Do I Want My Front Porch Light To Be?

As mentioned above, it is important for the porch light fixture to support the ambiance of your home. This means that the light fixture, lighting shade, and amount of light should match your home’s paint color(s), texture, and design.

How Much Light Am I Looking For?

You want to ensure that the amount of light given off by the light bulb and light fixture matches the atmosphere of your home.

Most porch light fixtures have clear glass, but some fixtures have opaque or frosted glass. These different styles of glass may be wanted or needed in order to diffuse the light and not make it so harsh.

The type of glass and fixture you use should be considered because you need to know what kind of effect the fixture will have during the day when people can see the fixture not lit up; however, you also want the fixture to give off the perfect amount of light at night as well.

So, even though you may like the daytime visual appeal of a frosted glass fixture, you may need a clear glass fixture in order to diffuse the light at night.

Is the Fixture Durable Enough For Installation?

Since a porch light is going to be outside, it will be exposed to the elements time and time again.

If the light fixture is going to be more out in the open and exposed to the elements, then the fixture needs to be wet area rated. Wet-rated outdoor lights are specifically made to withstand stormy conditions, heavy rains, and harsh breezes.

If the fixture is in a covered area like a porch, then the fixture could be damp area rated rather than wet area rated. Damp-rated lights should only be installed in areas that have no direct exposure to water, snow, and rain.

You want to ensure that the light fixture(s) you choose to go outdoors are durable enough to withstand the test of time. Even though a dry or damp area-rated light fixture could be cheaper than a wet area-rated light, make sure you spend the extra money for a wet area-rated light when it is being installed in a place that is not covered.

The durability of the wet area light is completely worth any extra cost.

I Want A Front Porch Light Installed Today!

With better weather approaching quickly, more people are going to be out and about in your neighborhood, as well as more social gatherings occurring. Make sure that you have the proper lighting on your porch to ensure your safety from strangers and to welcome your invited guests over.

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