What are the Signs Your Kansas City Home Needs an Electrical Inspection?

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It is well worth your time to get an electrical inspection with Fusion Electric. This is a terrific thing to do regularly, but also whenever you experience electrical disturbances. You should also get an inspection any time you notice the potential for an electrical-related fire hazard.

Signs That Show You Need an Electrical Inspection

Electrical safety inspections are an important way of understanding all the suspicious problems like burning smells, excessive burnt light bulbs, power surges, and breaker trips. These are some things you’ll notice that necessitate an inspection.

  • You haven’t gotten one in several years.
  • The lights are flickering more than usual.
  • You’re also having to reset the circuit breaker all the time.
  • You can’t get electrical outlets to reset.
  • There’s a faint smell of burnt rubber or you see burn marks on electrical outlets.

Don’t wait too long to notify an electrician, especially regarding that last issue. These are the signs of serious problems, but when we come to do an inspection, we’ll delve a lot deeper into the electrical framework. You can learn more about this by reading our post on determining whether your home is ready to pass an electrical safety inspection.

What Do Electricians Do During Inspections?

What specifically do we look at during inspections?

Inspections will help determine whether your home complies with the Kansas City electrical code and National Electric Code (NEC). One of the first things we’ll check is the electrical meter. This is where a lot of problems can begin, particularly when there’s been water seepage, which can cause rust and malfunction. It can also result in erroneous meter readings and artificially high energy bills.

After that, we review the circuit breaker for any signs of overload. It’s also vulnerable to water damage. If you’re experiencing lots of breaker trips, we’ll be able to tell if it’s endemic to the breaker itself or coming from elsewhere.

Finally, Fusion Electric will go over smaller components, including the wiring and all the outlets. Loose and old wiring is a dangerous problem and when outlets overheat, you have a greater chance for shocks and fire.

How Do We Address Electrical Deficiencies?

Of course, it’s not enough to inspect problems without implementing permanent solutions. That’s why we begin with an inspection but finish with maintenance and new installations (if necessary).

Fusion Electric provides a range of electrical services that encompass everything from wire installation to touch plate service, panel upgrades, and installing Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs). If you’ve had trouble with hot electrical outlets, that last item can make a world of difference, and they’re required by the GEC.

While we’re there, the inspection is a good time to ask about elective upgrades as well. We have plenty of amenity services like ceiling fan installations, indoor/outdoor lighting, light switch replacement, and more. Chances are if it’s an electrical issue you want to improve, we can handle it.

Get a Thorough and Prompt Electrical Inspection with Fusion Electric in Kansas City

You don’t want to let your home become dangerous because of unsafe wiring, panels, circuit breakers, or anything else. That’s why you should contact Fusion Electric when you encounter repetitive problems or notice something unusual like the smell of burnt wires.

We’re an A+ company, according to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and we receive accolades from groups like Angie’s List for service excellence. In fact, they awarded us the Super Service Award in 2019. Fusion Electric maintains a consistent 5-star rating on Google Reviews and always gets glowing testimonials for outstanding work.

Contact Fusion Electric today for an electrical inspection or any other service or installation work.

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