When Not to DIY & Hire a Kansas City Electrician Instead

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Anything more complicated than stripping a speaker wire, hire an electrician. Unless you are an experienced, licensed electrician, leave the electricity alone.

There are some smaller jobs you may be able to handle, but when it comes to electricity, you must keep safety in mind as the first priority.

When To Call An Electrician

You might think it’s not a big deal or it will work itself out, but that is rarely the case. When there is a problem with your electricity, it needs to be seen by a professional.


If you receive a shock when you touch the light switch, the light plate, or any other electrical surface, that is a signal there is something wrong.

Tripped Breakers

If your breaker trips every time you turn on your coffee maker, there is a problem. It could be a small problem, it could be more serious. It is a good idea to hire an electrician rather than try to sort the problem yourself.

Flickering Lights

When the lights are flickering every time you turn them on, that is also an indication there is a problem. It might be something simple like a wiring concern in the switch. It could also be an indication there is significant damage somewhere.

Overloading Outlet

Older homes may not have as many outlets as the newer ones do now. If you are using a multiple outlet adapter and a few extension cords as well, you clearly have a problem.

It’s not just an inconvenience for you, but you could overload the circuit and cause the breaker to trip or it could lead to more damage, like fire.

Two’s Company, Three is A Crowd

Many older homes can still be full of the two-prong sockets. But, you need to be able to use the three-prong grounded plug. That means you may not be grounded or safe. Call your electrician and get them upgraded.

Rust and Corrosion

Have you noticed a bit of rust or corrosion around the main power panel? That is a sign that all is not well. If it is damp in there, the entire electrical system may be in danger.

Hot Surfaces

If the light switch panels feel hot, if other surfaces feel hot, or if you notice a black mark around these areas, get it checked. Like shocked, this could be an easy enough problem to fix, or it could be an indication you need new wiring.


Any outlets that are near water, like your kitchen, the bathroom, the laundry area, basements, and even the garage all require these outlets to have Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters.

If you don’t have these or they don’t seem to be working, call the electrician. If you don’t have them, they are easy to get installed and bring your home up to code and keep it safe.

Don’t Wait

Any of these conditions could mean electrical problems. Don’t put off calling the electrician to come and inspect these concerns for you. There is too much at risk to leave electrical problems unchecked.

It will cost you far more the longer you leave it and money aside, the damage or injury that can occur may be devastating. Fires, electrocution, and other damages can be difficult to recover from.

Call our experts for a safety inspection and leave the electrical problems to us. You don’t want to get hurt or cause any more damage than there already may be.

When it comes to electricity, you are always better if you hire an electrician. Take advantage of our special discount coupons, just as an extra thank you, from us to you.



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