Why the Lights in Your House are Flickering & How to Fix Them

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The cold chill of Fall is upon us and the house might be starting to feel a bit spooky with Halloween and everything, especially if your lights are flickering! Flickering lights are a fairly common irritant for many homeowners. Not only are flickering lights unnerving, but they’re also potentially dangerous. Although the flickering of your lights isn’t dangerous in and of itself, it’s a common warning sign that something is seriously wrong with your wiring. Here’s a quick overview of some of the most common reasons for flickering lights and how to fix them.

Why Are My Lights Flickering?

As long as you’ve ruled out ghosts, it’s time to look at some more practical reasons for why your lights are flickering.

Any time that lights start flickering there are a few things that you should check right away. First of all, you should check the light bulbs and make sure that they are tight enough. Sometimes the only reason light is flickering is because the light bulb is loose. In this case, all you have to do is screw the light bulb on a little tighter. If the flickering continues you might have a more serious problem.

Sometimes lights flicker because something is wrong with the meter box or main service cable connection. When this happens, you’ll have to call a qualified electrician like Fusion Electric to have the problem corrected safely and effectively.

Introducing a large, new appliance that takes up a lot of energy could also cause your lights to flicker. This commonly occurs when your central circuit breaker doesn’t have quite enough juice.

One of the most common and most dangerous causes of flickering lights is bad wiring. Sometimes wiring goes bad over time or was dangerously antiquated, to begin with as is the case with many older homes. Other times, the wiring was installed improperly. Whatever the reason, you’ll need a professional electrician to fix the problem.

Why You Shouldn’t Tinker Around Trying to Fix Flickering Lights By Yourself

Trying to fix flickering lights by tinkering with the electrics on your own is not recommended. Attempting to figure it out on your own can take a long time and if you make a mistake you can lose money buying things that you didn’t actually need or causing further damage to your electrical system.

Another reason why you should not attempt to perform electrical repairs on your own is that it can be extremely dangerous. You could give yourself an electrical shock or accidentally start an electrical fire in your home.

The best way to fix flickering lights is to pick up the phone and call Fusion Electric. Remember, flickering lights could be a serious warning sign indicating a potentially dangerous problem with your wiring, finding a qualified electrician to check things out is paramount.

If the Ghost Busters Can’t Fix Your Flickering Lights, Try Fusion Electric

At Fusion electric we believe that the people of Kansas City and the surrounding areas deserve the benefits of a talented electrician at an affordable price. We look after our customers and have earned a reputation for fairness and exceptional technical skill.

If your lights are flickering this Fall, it’s time to call Fusion Electric!



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