Why You Should Hire an Electrician for Kansas City Ceiling Fan Installation

Kansas City Ceiling Fan Installation

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If you’re looking for Kansas City ceiling fan installation, it’s always a good idea to hire a licensed, reputable electrician for the installation. Hiring an excellent electrician for your ceiling fan installation will ensure the work is done safely, and correctly, and will last for years to come.

At Fusion Electric, our professional team of licensed electricians frequently install ceiling fans for our Kansas City area customers. In this guide, we discuss why it’s always a great idea to hire an electrician for ceiling fan installation.

Ensure the Job is Done Correctly for Your Kansas City Ceiling Fan Installation

While it’s tempting to try the installation of a ceiling fan on your own, engaging in electrical work requires intensive electrical knowledge and skills. When wiring parts of your home, it’s a safer bet to hire a professional electrician rather than risk incorrectly performing installation and potentially setting up a hazardous situation.

Correct Wiring

Correctly wiring the ceiling fan is crucial to ensuring the fan functions and functions safely. To safely and correctly wire the installation, the electrician will ensure that the wire used in the ceiling fan matches the gauge of wire in the ceiling. This process is commonly overlooked in DIY ceiling fan installations and can lead to short-circuiting and tripping of the circuit breaker.

Securely Installed

Electricians will also ensure that the fan is installed securely. The fan needs to be adequately supported with specific hardware or else it could become wobbly.

If you install the fan and it turns out the fan is too loose it could potentially fall from the ceiling.

This could result in injury and expensive repairs. Rather than risk injury or expensive repairs, it’s far better to have the job done well the first time by hiring a professional electrician to complete the job.

Up to Code

Whenever electrical work is done in your home, it needs to be up to current Kansas City electrical codes. When you do DIY electrical work on your own, you risk not meeting the required code standards. In Kansas City, electrical codes exist that outline proper wiring, condition of electrical switches, the wattage of bulbs, etc.

At Fusion Electric, we always ensure that our work meets or exceeds current Kansas City electrical code requirements. As professional, licensed electricians, we continuously keep ourselves updated on electrical codes and stringently follow these requirements. This ensures the ceiling fan installation (and all electrical work) is done accurately and safely.

Don’t Risk Electrical or Fall Injuries With DIY Work

If you opt to install the ceiling fan yourself, you risk falling from the ladder or dropping the fan from height. Electricians are trained in proper ladder safety and handling. As electricians, we have years of intensive training that supports us in doing the work correctly, safely, and efficiently.

Homeowners fall from ladders every year attempting to do repairs and installations on their own. Rather than risk a fall injury, we recommend hiring a professional who is trained to follow the most up-to-date safety procedures and practices.

Another risk involved in DIY ceiling fan installation in electrical injury. Performing electrical work can be extremely dangerous for untrained people. This is why as electricians, we go through years of classroom, field training, and apprenticeships before we’re qualified to obtain a license.

Instead of risking serious electrical injury, we always recommend hiring a licensed, reputable electrician to complete your electrical work. We have the years of skills, training, precision, and expertise required to get the job done correctly and safely.

Call in the Pros at Fusion Electric For Your Kansas City Ceiling Fan Installation

If you require a new ceiling fan, avoid the risks of a shoddy or dangerous installation, and call in a professional electrician to do the job. For your Kansas City Ceiling fan installation, protect your new investment and the safety of your household by calling Fusion Electric today.

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