Workplace Lighting Upgrades to Consider

Workplace Lighting Upgrades

If you’re thinking about improving your company’s infrastructure, consider workplace lighting upgrades. Improving the lighting of a workspace creates a safer, more welcoming, and more productive environment.

At Fusion Electric, we’re proud to offer high-quality, modern electrical services to business owners across the Kansas City area. In this guide, we’ll discuss how upgrading your building’s lighting can benefit your employees and the company as a whole.

Thinking of Workplace Lighting Upgrades? Switch to LEDs

One way to improve lighting for your workers is to have an electrician install overhead LEDs in your building.

These lights have better color rendering, are less energy-intensive, do not give off heat or UV emissions, and are associated with lower stress in the workplace than traditional lighting.

Research has actually shown that LEDs mimic natural lighting and our circadian rhythms, which improves the psychological and physiological well-being of employees at the workplace.

Add Pendant Lighting Around Common Tables

Common work areas, such as meeting tables can benefit from soft, inviting pendant lighting. A pendant light fixture hangs low from the ceiling, usually from a chain, cord, or a metal rod, and displays a single light bulb.

Pendant lighting can add a unique industrial, but the soft atmosphere to a space. It’s important for meeting spaces to feel inviting and creative, so consider adding these lovely lights to your communal work areas.

Workplace Lighting Upgrades: Consider How Bright or Dim the Workspace Is

Creating a comfortable environment for employees is not only good for increased productivity but more importantly, should be a high priority of an ethically-minded company that values the well-being of its workers.

Too bright or too dim lighting can negatively impact the well-being and productivity of your employees. Consider creating a poll that allows workers to share whether they feel the space’s lighting is too bright or too dim. With this feedback, you can make adjustments during your lighting upgrades.

Too Bright?

A workplace that is too bright can be overbearing and uncomfortable for employees. Unnaturally bright light can create a stressful, unproductive work environment and can even cause headaches and vestibular migraine attacks for some people.

If you’re hearing from employees that the workplace is too bright, consider adding in softer lighting or even smart light technology that adjusts color index and brightness throughout the day to mimic natural light changes.

Too Dim?

Lighting that is too dim can cause employees to have to strain to see and creates tripping and falling hazards as the space are not properly illuminated. Workspaces that are too dim can feel depressing and uninspiring, especially if there is a lack of windows letting in natural light.

If you’re hearing from workers that the space is too dim you can either add in more lighting, especially at various levels of the space or upgrade your lighting system to brighter, more inviting lights. Just make sure a balance is struck so you don’t tip over to make a space overbearingly bright.

Offer Task Lighting

One way to strike a balance for employees in the brightness of a space is to use soft, dimmer, warm lighting for your overhead lights and provide task lighting for each desk or work table.

Particularly if the desk lamp is dimmable, employees can customize the light intensity of their work and create their own ideal environment.

For Workplace Lighting Upgrades, Call the Pros at Fusion Electric

At Fusion Electric, we understand the importance of providing balanced, inviting, and functional lighting for your workplace. Our team of expert licensed electricians is always happy to work with businesses across the Kansas City area to improve their workplace lighting. If you’re considering workplace lighting upgrades, contact us today and see how we can help.



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