4 Reasons Why You Should Ditch Electrical DIY


ditch-the-electrical-DIY-fusion-electric-kansas-city-electricianFrom Pinterest to Facebook, do-it-yourself projects are popping everywhere these days. With lists and lists of seemingly easy projects at your disposal, many believe that they can take on just about any project with a little help from the internet.

However, DIY electrical projects are a very different story and can be incredibly dangerous, which is why the professionals at Fusion Electric are shedding some light on why it’s time to ditch the DIY.

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What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Whether you’re hoping to install outdoor lighting and speakers around the pool, or looking to hide cords and connectors while putting out your Christmas decorations, even the simplest job can go wrong when electricity is involved. Here are just a few ways electrical DIY can turn disastrous:

1. Hidden Hazards

When dealing with electrical issues, there are many hidden hazards. Whether it’s running into the family of racoons in the attic, or unintentionally crossing the wrong wires, there are always risks to consider.

While you may never see these hazards coming, professional electricians are trained to look for a laundry list of things to ensure safe electrical servicing and their own safety. Avoid the guessing game and leave projects you’re unsure of to the professionals.

2. Improper Installation

Improper installation can not only cause fires and damage your home, it can also permanently damage the equipment you are trying to install, whatever it may be. This damage can lead to thousands of dollars in repairs and replacements for your home.

3. Would it Pass Inspection?

Spending time and money on a DIY electrical project can not only be dangerous, but if not done properly, it  may fail inspections.

We see homeowners who go through all the trouble of adding electrical to bonus rooms and additions themselves, all to find out that when they want to sell their home, these DIY add ons don’t meet the requirements to pass inspections. This can end up costing you thousands of dollars to repair, and it all could have been avoided by hiring a professional electrician.

4. Injury & Fatality

Most homeowners have little knowledge of the safety precautions and details of dealing with electrical maintenance, and why would they?

However, when homeowners try to DIY without extensive knowledge, any number of injuries can happen including severe burns, electrocution, and even death in some cases. Luckily, there are professionals who are highly trained in this industry, and your safety is well worth the extra money required to hire a trained professional.

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