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The use of electricity-powered appliances and accessories, such as air conditioning, smartphones, fridges, computers, and many others, has led to the surge of electricity bills for many households. With the cost of utility bills increasing every year across the globe, it has become imperative for homeowners to find intuitive ways to cut down on their energy consumption. Reducing energy consumption not only saves you some bucks but also helps in lowering the levels of C02 being released into the environment. In this write-up, we have outlined some straightforward yet effective ways to help you reduce energy consumption in your household.

1. Buy rated appliances/electronics and unplug them when they’re not in use.

When you are shopping for new appliances/electronics, choose those that have a better energy rating. Although the highly rated electronics might come at a higher price, they’ll help reduce power consumption and offset the initial investment.

Additionally, make it a habit to switch the appliances/electronic off when they are not in use. Some of them, including microwaves, TVs, washing machines, and computers, have a “standby” mode that still consumes energy even they are not in operation.

2. Upgrade your light bulbs with more energy-efficient ones

If you’ve been using the traditional incandescent light bulbs, it is time to throw them in the trash bin and install more efficient alternatives. You can opt for LEDs (light-emitting diode bulbs), CFLs (compact fluorescent lights), and halogen incandescent bulbs, which have proven not only to use 25-85% less power but also last longer than their traditional counterparts.

And even though the energy-efficient light bulbs are expensive, they give you value for money by helping you save energy for a longer time.

3. Be Savvy About Your House Heating and Cooling

Since much of your household energy goes to warming and cooling the house, it is time to take bold steps that will ensure that you use less power. For starters, you need to insulate your ceiling or roof. Insulation helps maintain an optimal temperature, whether it is in summer or winter. This enables you to save on the energy you could have used to either warm or cool the house.

You also need to draught-proof your home by sealing door and windows. Other creative ideas you can use to prevent heat loss include using a damper to seal your chimney, closing all external windows and doors, especially when the air conditioner or heater is running, and turning on the air conditioner early.

4. Adopt smart home technology

Although it sounds like something that you can’t afford, smart technologies can help you save a lot of energy. Start by installing a programmable thermostat to automatically reduce or turn off the HVAC system when you are not around or when you are asleep. This can save you more than $180 per year.

Considering that manual switches control most exterior lights, it is a common scenario for you to forget switching them off and leave them on all day long. You can avoid such incidences by installing timed sensors on your outdoor lights or automatic light sensors.

5. Reduce the minutes you spend under the shower.

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that water heating accounts for not less than 15% of household energy. Therefore, if you want to save on utility bills, try to make your shower sessions shorter.

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