6 Clever Outlet Solutions for Eliminating Electrical Cords

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The beginning of any remodeling project is full of excitement amidst a whirlwind of planning. Adding new appliances or bath fixtures, flooring and more is sure to improve your home’s aesthetic appeal, efficiency, and comfort. Your remodeling project may include plans to upgrade your electrical system, or maybe add a few more outlets to rooms where there just aren’t enough of them.

If so, now would be the perfect time to add a few electrical features that aren’t as obvious as a new floor or new countertop, but will improve the functionality of your space nonetheless. Consider adding some of these clever electrical solutions to your home remodeling plans:

Pop-Up Countertop Outlets

pop-up outlets on tabletop

You’ve likely experienced the frustration of adding a new countertop appliance and realizing the nearest outlet is across the room or out of reach.

While a mess of wires streaming across the counters are pretty unsightly, four or five outlets lining the wall beneath the kitchen cabinets isn’t exactly a desirable look either.

Pop-up countertop outlets can offer a much sleeker look while maximizing your kitchen’s functionality, not to mention they can eliminate the mess of wires at the same time. Another option would be to have an outlet installed on the side of a kitchen island, where it’s both inconspicuous and handy at the same time.

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Outlets In Drawers & Medicine Cabinets

outlets in cabinets and drawers

Installing outlets in kitchen and bathroom drawers or cabinets is another overlooked option.

You can easily stash your hairdryer in the bathroom vanity, and have the outlet right there, out of sight and residing with the appliance that needs it.

In-Floor Outlets

Installing your outlets in the floor offers convenience and efficiency, especially in a living or family room where furniture is often set up for ease of conversation – away from walls and outlets.

in-floor outlets

Being able to plug lamps into the floor directly eliminates the need for extension cords and wires running across the floor or underneath rugs.


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Crown Molding & Baseboards

If you’re home has a lot of electronics that reach across entire rooms, this is a great and inexpensive option.

hollow crown molding for wiring

You can buy crown molding or baseboards at most home improvement stores that are hollow on the inside.

These are perfect for hiding the wires and cords for those electronics . Not only will this help keep your room organized and wire free, this decorative feature can can add extra character and elegance to a room.

Shower Curtain Rod

This is another easy, do-it-yourself project to hide the wires and cords in your home. This tip is especially popular for hiding mounted television cords. All you need is a hollow shower curtain rod. String the cords through and secure the rod vertically to the wall. Painting the rod the same color as the wall will make it almost indistinguishable.

False Paneling

false paneling behind tv

Like crown molding, false paneling is a popular home improvement project, but it’s also a great way to organize your home while also adding more appeal.

When mounting your television on your wall or mantel, make it the focal point with this easy technique.

All you’ll need is hollow paneling so that you can hide the wires inside. Make the design a symmetrical, geometric pattern. This project is beautiful and a useful addition to any room.

If any of these projects seem like too much to take on alone, call the Fusion Electric Team.

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It’s easy to overlook these sorts of conveniences when planning a remodel. But sometimes small, seemingly insignificant changes pay big dividends!

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