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5 Electrical Add-Ons Homeowners Love Right Now

Homeowners are loving tricked out homes right now. With so much new technology available in the market, everyone wants the convenience and the cool factor. And we have to admit, some of these new gadgets are pretty impressive. Here are five of the most requested electrical add-ons we are seeing right now.

USB PortsBuilt-In Charging Stations

Everyone is connected in at least a dozen ways these days. From laptops, to smartphones, to tablets, to fitness trackers, to watches that do it all! And yet, all these devices need to be charged from time to time, and it can turn into World War III over who gets to use the USB outlet charger first before their phone battery dies. Many homeowners are solving this problem by installing built-in charging stations throughout their home. Whether it’s in a drawer, cabinet, or box, these charging docks or stations have several chargers for every device. If you’re knowledgeable about electricity, you can make a DIY version here

Home Movie TheaterProjector & Screen

Homeowners don’t always like the look of large television screens in the middle of their living room. It can be distracting. And having to build a cover of some sort can still be a pain. Now we are seeing many homeowners bypass television screens altogether in favor of a movie-style projector and drop-down screen. The projector technology is so advanced these days that the picture quality is nearly as amazing as an HD flatscreen, and a projector and drop-down screen are much more discreet.

Bluetooth Surround Speakers

So long large stereo speakers, goodbye boomboxes. There’s a new music entertainment system on the block. Surround Sound speakers have stepped up their game in recent years. No more connecting your smartphone to the speaker with a clunky adapter and wire, now you can connect via Bluetooth! Homeowners are having electricians install speakers around the home in a discreet manner, and then the Bluetooth allows them to connect, play any music they want, and in any room or rooms of their choosing, all from their phone!

LED LightsLED Lighting Systems with Dimming Capabilities

Homeowners are now opting to save money by ridding their homes of fluorescent light bulbs and making the switch to LED lighting systems. While sometimes it’s as simple as changing out a bulb, other times it takes a more advanced approach, such as dimming systems. Dimmers set up for traditional bulbs aren’t compatible with LED lights. It might seem like they are at first, but the dimming system will cause LED lights to burn out way too quickly. But you can install LED compatible dimming systems with the help of a licensed electrician in Kansas City.

Security High TechFingerprint Lock Systems

Security is even going high-tech these days. Now you can install locking systems in your home that don’t require a key, just your fingerprint. Never worry about someone stealing your keys again. All you need is YOU! You can program multiple family members prints to allow more access.

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