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FAQ: Does Fusion Electric Do This Service?

We often find that Kansas City home and business owners call us with a lot of the same questions. One of the most common questions we get is, “Do you do this?” Since most people don’t know the ins and outs of electrical work, knowing exactly what services we provide can be confusing. Here’s a few of the most common service questions we get from customers.

Fixing OutletDoes Fusion Do Small Jobs Like Replacing Bulbs & Fixing Outlets That Don’t Work?

There are dozens of outlets and light bulbs in your home, and you’re bound to eventually have an issue with some of them. While it’s not always a huge issue, but more of a general inconvenience, many homeowners are hesitant to call us to fix them. Every so often we get a call asking if we come out for jobs as small as these, but the answer is always a resounding yes! We come out for both jobs big and small.

KC Electrician Works on Flat Screen TVCan Fusion’s Technicians Wire My Electronics For Entertainment Purposes?

This is another question we get a lot from homeowners imparticular. Many people believe that wiring your flat screen television and surround sound speakers is a special type of job that is done by specialty companies, but really any properly trained technician can do the job. We regularly mount flat screen televisions, hide electrical wires behind walls, install surround sound speakers, and even outdoor speakers for outdoor entertaining. We have a wide range of skills among our team and can tackle almost any electrical job you have for us.

Electrician Replaces Light BulbDoes Fusion Electric Do Commercial Services & Repairs?

While we do a lot of residential work, we do a large amount of commercial work too. And we do all sorts of services for commercial locations. From small jobs like switching out fluorescent lights for new energy-efficient LED lights, to larger scale jobs like service upgrades such as installing the proper type of circuit breaker to accommodate a tech business’ heavy energy load requirement. In our eyes, every customer, whether a homeowner or business owner, is treated equally.

For answers to more of your electrical questions, check out our Fusion Electric blog. Or call us at 913-563-7975 to schedule a service call for any of your electrical problems, big or small.