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When it comes to cutting back on our electricity use, we could all use a few tips to conserve electricity. In particular, the winter and summer months really give our system a workout.

It is rather amazing what we can all do to conserve energy and not really notice the difference, except in our monthly bills. A few little adjustments will actually make a big change.

Tips for Conserving Energy

Once you get into the habit of making these little adjustments, you won’t even think twice about it.

Change and Clean Filters

This means all your filters, heater, air conditioner, clothes dryer. Once they get dirty they no longer function properly. Clean or replace them regularly to make sure your HVAC system isn’t working too hard.

Get an Inspection

Have a professional inspect your HVAC system, plus the entire house. The roof, chimney, basement, foundation, windows, and everything else. There can be any number of holes, cracks, leaks, and wire damage that is actually costing you a lot of money.

Get the small repairs taken care of before they become bigger ones. It is quite incredible how much money can escape from these small imperfections.

Seal Doors and Windows

Windows are a great place where air can get out or in, causing a draft and allowing your heat or cool air to escape. Cover them with storm windows, block the space under doors to rooms that are not often used, or use plastic to cover your windows in winter.

If your home has single-pane windows, consider replacing them with more energy-efficient windows, or adding solar shades or tinting film.

Upgrade Your Old Appliances

If you still have that old fridge in the basement that still works after 25 years in your man cave, you may want to consider replacing it. All your older appliances are a drain on your electricity.

Replace them with energy-efficient or smart appliances. The old fridge in the basement can be replaced by a smaller one, half the size. This goes for all your appliances.

Go Solar

Adding a few solar-powered appliances, or panels can really make a big difference in your energy consumption. Even a few solar panels on the ground will help a lot.

Replace Your Light Bulbs

You are likely finding it hard to find the old types of light bulbs anyhow, and there is a good reason for that. The LED lights use a fraction of the energy that regular ones do and they last much longer.

Upgrade Your Electric System

As technology continues to advance, we require more from our electric systems. We also require more of it, we have more appliances, devices, and a need to charge them.

Older homes with older wiring are not likely able to cope with the demands of these gadgets. Consider getting a programmable thermostat, as well. These can be set to function for each room and controlled remotely with your smartphone.

Use Natural Light and Air

When possible, get a good cross breeze going through the home by opening windows. Close blinds on the direct sun in the summer months, use it when you can for light and warmth when it is cooler.

Talk To The Pros

There are many things you can do to make your home more energy-efficient. Between better functioning appliances to ceiling fans, and turning off lights to cooking outside.

If you are concerned about your energy bill, and ways to cut back, contact the experts at Fusion Electric. They can help guide you through the steps to lower energy consumption.

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