Does Garden Lighting Add Value To My Kansas City Home?

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Garden lighting is a beautiful addition to make to any home. An attractive landscape, including the quality of landscape lighting, is key to selling a house. Outdoor living spaces are desirable and will increase your home value and salability.

What is Garden Lighting?

Garden lighting is the landscape or outdoor lighting of the gardens, lawns, and, well, landscape of the home. The quality of this lighting, or lack thereof, can make or break someone’s decision to purchase a home.

Landscape lighting can be used for enhancing the use of your land or for purposes of safety. Outdoor lighting will add security, accessibility, recreation and sports, social events, and general nighttime aesthetics to the area surrounding your home.

Does Outdoor Lighting Add Value to My Home?

In short, yes. Like any addition you make to your home, it will add value to the overall value of your home.

Outdoor living spaces are becoming increasingly popular, especially in the Kansas City area. This may be a surprise to you, but many new home buyers are seeking out outdoor living spaces and consider these to be more attractive than any other quality of the home.

This means that a properly lit deck, patio, pool, or hot tub is sought out over an open floor plan or any other type of housing plan. Outdoor spaces will add additional living space and value without the high cost of an addition to the home.

Outdoor lighting adds huge value to a home. A home with proper outdoor lighting will have much more value than a home that does not have proper outdoor lighting.

A home without proper outdoor lighting can really only be used during the day, which means it loses half of its utility. But, with proper lighting, the outside area can be used during the night too, so it has its full utility which enhances the value.

Curb Appeal of Outdoor Lighting

If you are looking for a way to add curb appeal quickly to your home, outdoor lighting could be the perfect solution for you.

If you have a beautifully maintained garden full of interesting focal points and added features, these cannot be seen in the dark of night. Landscape lighting should be included on the property so that the garden can be seen throughout the night.

Buyers want curb appeal, so whether you’re trying to sell your home or show off your home, you want curb appeal, which outdoor lighting has.

Cost of Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting does not have to be expensive, and overall it is much cheaper than making an entirely new addition to your home. If you have a budget but want to make your home feel safer and more inviting, landscape lighting is likely the answer.

Depending on how large the area that you want lights added to and the type of lights being added, landscape lighting tends to cost around $3,500 but usually ranges anywhere between $2,100 and $4,900, including materials, installation, and labor.

If this still seems steep, recognize that because the value of the home increased by this lighting component, you won’t be able to receive higher offers on your home because of garden lighting.

Buyers will likely drive by the home at night to see how it appears. A home that is well-lit, including outdoor lighting, has higher curb appeal, which leads more buyers to make offers, and then higher offers to outbid one another, increasing the value of your home.

Additionally, with more offers, sellers can be pickier and choose which offer they want, including the higher offers which they may not have received prior to the outdoor lighting being installed.

I Want Garden Lighting Now!

Summer is approaching quickly. This is wonderful, except the days may be too hot to enjoy the outdoors, but the nights will be perfect. You will want outdoor lighting for the beautiful summer nights.

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