Electrical Safety Tips to Remember this Fall

Electrical Safety Tips

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Let’s look at a few electrical safety tips as we approach the fall months in Kansas City. We perform service and maintenance work on homes (especially older ones) that have considerable safety hazards. However, electrical safety should be a constant concern for all home and business owners even in a fully modernized building.

Electrical Safety Tips for Homes

If you read our previous post on electrical safety during the summer, you’ll notice there are some common themes here. Many safety issues are the same all year round.

However, as we get closer to the cold months, some other factors come into play.

Follow These Important Safety Tips

  1. Unplug Unused Appliances
    You might think things get easier when you no longer need to run the AC in the fall, but that can be a false sense of security. When it gets cooler, it’s common for folks to run heat-producing appliances again. Avoid the urge to plug in a bunch of them simultaneously because that can over-run your circuits.
  2. It’s Dangerous to Run Cords Under Carpets or Doors
    Not only is this a tripping hazard, but you’re more likely to break a cord and start a fire. This could also be a sign that you need more outlets.
  3. Never Use Electrical Appliances Near Water
    It’s a nice time to go back to warm baths and hot tubs. Just avoid using non-waterproof electronic equipment nearby. Most people know this but it’s tragic to see how often these accidents still happen.
  4. Use the Right Wattage for Light Fixtures
    Using a high-wattage bulb when it’s inappropriate can cause overheating and fires. LED lights are a great replacement solution for incandescent bulbs if you want to avoid this problem.

Electrical Safety Tips for Businesses

As you know, Fusion Electric also provides outstanding service to commercial business clients. Businesses have their own safety challenges that relate to heavy electronic usage, lots of people using them, and even issues with powerful machinery in industrial facilities.

We recommend a few tips for making your workplace safer.

  • Remember to install physical barriers between electrical equipment and people. Make sure your electrical wires stay protected in some kind of cabinet, closet, or embedded in the structural framework somehow.
  • Be careful with flammable materials like gasses and vapors. You DO NOT want these anywhere near electrical components.
  • Make sure that only employees who are lock-out/tag-out certified operate high-powered equipment and machinery (especially maintenance staff).

Also, it’s important to remember to put away and de-energize all the summer equipment. It’s easy to forget about these items and leave them idle or unattended during the fall and winter. You’ll also want to inspect your winter tools (their batteries, wiring, and so forth) before using them when it gets colder.

Get a Safety Inspection with Fusion Electric

An electrical safety inspection is a quick, affordable, and wise investment for any property owner. Many homes do not yet meet the standards set by the National Electric Code (NEC) because of loose, faulty, or ungrounded wiring. Those are just a few of the things we check.

Whenever we find problems, we can implement a permanent solution. This includes renovating your entire electrical system to meet modern service ratings and expectations.

Fusion Electric: Kansas City’s Top Electrical Services Company

We not only do inspections, but our trained and certified service members know how to create solutions to keep your family safe from electrical hazards. The fall months don’t have as many obvious hazards as summer/winter since you don’t need heating or AC, but it’s a great time to perform preventative maintenance.

Fusion Electric is happy to help you with maintenance tasks such as installing new outlets, adjusting breakers or panels, and any other job that requires professional assistance. Our entire staff has all the training, certification, and experience to troubleshoot any problem and get your electrical framework into optimal condition.

We hope you found these electrical safety tips helpful and will contact us as soon as you need important repair work in your Kansas City home or business.

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