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With the warm weather here, we tend to spend more time outside in our backyards. Many of us have a pool, be it above ground, inground, or even inflatable. We also spend more time outside cooking, eating, and just living. If you are planning to do some work around the yard or the house, you need to consider these summer electrical safety tips first.

Electrical Safety Tips

If there are two worse enemies than water and electricity, we don’t know them. More damage and injury can be caused by not following safety guidelines or trying to fix something yourself.

Get A Safety Inspection

If you are planning to make any type of renovations, additions, or even just moving things around, get an electric inspection. Often, when we spend more time outside, we tend to overload our electric outlets.

Make sure your electrical system is up to handling the extra charges. Extra fans, games, air conditioners, electric grills. It all adds up. If you are planning on installing outdoor lights, pool lights, or installing an outdoor kitchen, make sure your system can handle the extra usage.

Make Sure Power Equipment for the Pool is Grounded

Any type of electrical equipment used around the pool must be grounded. Cleaning equipment or any tools being used for repairs need to be grounded. Call an electrician to make sure everything is okay before you start.

Get Extra Outlets

If you are using a few extension cords or multiple plug adaptors, you can blow circuits all summer long. Invest in a few extra outlets outside so you don’t have to worry about extension cords stretched actress the lawn. This will not overextend one socket and people won’t trip over extension cords.

Don’t Dig Unless You Check It Is Safe

Even digging a hole to plant a tree can be dangerous. Call to make sure there are no underground utilities, wires, electric cords, or anything else that will get damaged or cause injury.

Keep Extention Cords and Electrical Outlets Dry

If you have to put two extension cords together, tape the to married end up so they don’t come apart or get wet. Get covers for your outdoor sockets to make sure they don’t get wet from rain or the pool.

Don’t Cut Trees Near Power Lines

Never attempt to trim a tree that is close to a powerline. Call for assistance from your city. If a branch gets broken during a storm, have the city come remove it for you. Likewise, if they are growing too close to the powerlines.

Keep Power Equipment Dry

Electric lawnmowers, grills, fans, any type of appliance you are using outside needs to be store indoors after use or in a dry cabinet outside. Even if the cord on your blender gets wet, make sure you unplug it and dry it before using it again.

Keep Electrical Equipment Away from Pool

Take extra care regarding electrical equipment being used near the pool. This might be lights, music players, fans, or anything else you think might make your swim better.

Rely On The Experts

You might be quite handy around the house with DIY and possibly, that’s true. But when it comes to anything electric, inside the home or out, don’t do the work yourself.

Call the experts to make sure it gets done safely and correctly the first time. Preventing injury and damage to the home needs to be the number one priority when it comes to electrical safety this summer.

Contact us today for an inspection and ask us anything you need to know to keep you and your family safe this summer.

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