Four Tips for Picking the Right Light Fixtures for Your Home

Picking the Right Light Fixtures

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If you’re at the stage of installing lighting for your new home or renovation, picking the right light fixtures is crucial to creating a warm, inviting, functional space. By considering several factors, such as purpose, room and fixture size, aesthetics, and versatility, you can make sure you pick out the perfect lighting for your home.

At Fusion Electric, we’re proud to offer our expert, licensed, 5-star rated electrical services to homeowners across the Kansas City area. In this guide, we’ll discuss four tips when choosing light fixtures for your home.

Consider Purpose When Picking the Right Light Fixtures

With a plethora of lighting to choose from, you’ll want to start by asking yourself what the purpose of the light fixture will be in a specific room or area of the house. Do you need focused lighting on a game table or warm, soft lighting near the bathtub?

Does the light fixture need to be installed on a ceiling or set within a lamp on a bedside table? Once you can answer the purpose of the light fixture, you’ll be able to start thinking about other factors such as design and style.

Think About Room and Fixture Size

Knowing the measurements of a room can be incredibly helpful when choosing a light fixture, especially if you intend the fixture to serve as a focal feature of the room. You’ll want to achieve a balance of creating a centerpiece without overpowering the room.

For chandeliers, for example, a great rule of thumb is to measure the room’s length and width, add those measurements together, and convert the total into inches. This total measurement in inches is roughly the size of the chandelier that will look balanced in the room.

For instance, if the room is 15×15 feet, then you would add those numbers together for a total of 30 feet, and then convert that to 30 inches. So, the chandelier for this room should have a diameter of about 30 inches.

This is just a rough guide, and it’s important to consider your aesthetic preferences and the style of the chandelier. A dark and heavy chandelier might look better a bit smaller in size than one that is light and airy.

When Picking the Right Light Fixtures, Consider the Aesthetics of the Space

While light fixtures serve a practical purpose first and foremost, they also can significantly affect the mood and aesthetic balance of the room.

If you’re choosing to light for an older, cabin-like historic home, then you may want to play with fixtures that complement a rustic, soft feel.

On the flip side, a bright, sparkly, airy fixture or modern-looking pieces such as recessed lighting may not work as well. It all depends on how you want to play with your space and what style and mood you want to communicate with your pieces.

Consider Versatility

Having versatility with light fixtures can be especially important in a multi-faceted household. Light fixtures with dimmers can brighten up a room for a family meal with kids or tone down the lighting for a romantic one-on-one dinner.

Also consider having light fixtures at different levels of a room as this can address any dark areas and provides a cozy, inviting environment. Lighting situated at multiple levels of a space can also create an added level of dimensionality and an interesting design.

Contact the Lighting Pros at Fusion Electric

At Fusion Electric, we know how important choosing and correctly installing lighting is for Kansas City homeowners. Now that you have these four tips for picking the right light fixtures for your home, contact us today about setting up professional, safe, and effective lighting installation.

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