How Can I Add a Backup Generator to My Home & Activate It When Needed?

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We think that a backup generator is one of the best investments you can make to safeguard against power outages. Whether you choose to get a portable or permanent generator, you should consider some kind of backup solution to prepare for major storms in Kansas City. In this post, we’ll show you why you should get one and how to activate it in case of an emergency.

Backup Generator Installation: Two Major Options

One of our most popular rest for electrical services involves installing backup power generators, which come in two forms: standby and portable. Portable generators usually run off gasoline and occasionally propane fuel sources. Standby generators might rely on propane and diesel.

Standby models usually come with an automatic transfer shift, allowing it to take over for the utility generator automatically whenever there’s a power outage. Portable ones often involve the installation of a new power inlet, which feeds into the home’s electrical panel. You can also install an electrical fixture called a breaker interlock, which comes with its own circuit breaker fastened into the electrical panel.

Why do you need that? Because you only seldom need the portable generator, this prevents it from coming on when the utility company breaker is still running. Another option is to set up the portable generator with a transfer switch subpanel, which goes next to the main electrical panel. It’s usually six to eight circuits and serves to help the basic necessities (refrigerators, portable heaters, certain lights, etc.) only when there’s an outage.

Advantages to Standby Versus Portable Generators

There are obviously certain pros and cons associated with either standby or portable generators. Standby models are a larger financial investment, but they’re very self-sufficient, which means you don’t have to worry about what to do to get them on during an outage.

Portable generators are a little more labor-intensive. You have to physically drag them out, plug them into your panel, and then activate them the way we mentioned. Portable options are more budget-friendly, however (plenty are available for under $1,000).

Plus, you can use portable generators for job sites or other areas (hence, portable). This could be a real game changer if one of your friends or an elderly relative loses electricity and can use your emergency generator to keep basic necessities running.

Debunking the Myths Regarding Power Generators

You might remember our earlier post where we covered the common myths about backup generator installation. We want to review some of those to make sure nobody has the wrong impression of how generators work.

  • Myth: You only need a backup system if you live off the grid.
    This is untrue because folks all over Kansas City purchase generators all the time. It’s a smart idea when you consider the risk of sustained power line damage due to ice or lightning.
  • Myth: Generators are always loud.
    Modern generators are much quieter than past models. You also don’t have to deal with odor unless you have one that uses strictly diesel.
  • Myth: Generators will force you to deal with more surges.
    This is another outdated concern. Newer generators don’t consume excessive energy, nor do they contribute to more surges, provided you let a professional install one for you.

Install a New Backup Generator with the Help of Fusion Electric

Fusion Electric would be glad to eliminate all the guesswork by installing a backup power generator in your home. It’s a prudent move to get either standby or portable generator to supplement your utilities just in case of an emergency. We can help you make sure all the minor components and fixtures fit together properly.

Our service is available to homeowners and commercial customers throughout the Kansas City metro area, including neighborhoods like Overland Park. You can see how much our previous clients appreciate our service since we have a perfect 5-star rating on Google Reviews. In fact, we recently crossed the 300-review threshold.

If you’re ready to improve your home by adding a backup generator, then contact Fusion Electric to learn more about installation services.

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