How Are Electric Car Charging Stations Installed?

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Many Kansas City homeowners are installing car charging stations in their homes to facilitate new electric cars. You might want to know how the installation process works before doing this. This article will give you a snapshot of what to expect.

Types of Car Charging Stations

Standard car charger installation typically requires a dedicated circuit from your electrical panel into your garage or wherever you park your vehicle. The most common installation method is with a 240-volt/50-amp dedicated circuit.

There are two types of charging stations: 1) Cord & Plug Stations, and 2) Hardwire Stations. The cord & plug method typically requires a 14-50R outlet that hooks up to your car through a cord. This obviously limits how far away you go from it, whereas a hard-wire station forgoes the outlet, and goes directly into the charging unit itself.

Charging Efficiency, Practical Concerns, & Electrical Requirements

Most hard-wire stations provide a faster and more efficient charge than your cord & plug charger. However, the primary advantage of a cord & plug charger is that you can take it with you if you choose to move. It would be a much more difficult transition to leave with a hard-wire charger.

You may also wonder “Does my home have adequate power for a car charger?”

It depends on the age of your home and the size of your electrical service. If your home still runs on only a 60-amp circuit breaker, then you may need to increase it to accommodate a car charger. We can help you determine that if you hire us for a home safety inspection, which will allow us to assess your total electrical capacity.

Benefits of Owning a Charging Station

What are the advantages of owning a charging station for your electric vehicle?

  • They’re convenient, which is why more than three out of four electric car owners choose to charge them at home rather than at a commercial station.
  • Many proponents consider it a wise financial investment, especially considering today’s higher gasoline costs.
  • The cord & plug method might be the most optimal for supporting the car battery’s lifespan. Some chargers “supercharge” too quickly, which might wear out electrical components prematurely.
  • If you elect to add a hard-wire charger, and later decide to sell your home with it, you might attract more buyers in the real estate market.
  • It’s also way easier to manage your battery mileage when you have your own charger. There’s a nice peace of mind that comes from the ability to plug your car into a charger and know you have 250 miles of driving range available.

These are just a few reasons folks are moving toward home car chargers. Since this is still a new technology, you may find it a little cost-prohibitive, but that could change in the future.

Call Fusion Electric for Help With Car Charging Stations

It’s easy to see why Kansas City residents opt for owning their own charging stations. Many folks see it as a valuable investment, similar to owning a backup power generator.

If you have questions about car chargers or any other heavy-duty appliances, then call us for expert advice. We have a reputation as the most knowledgeable electricians anywhere in the city. You don’t have to take our word for it. Our customers leave great reviews commending us for our service commitment to any task, big or small.

We needed to have some old hard-wired smoke detectors replaced ASAP and Fusion Electric was able to fit us into their schedule, same day. -Linda McGurn

Contact Fusion Electric to learn all about car charging stations and anything else related to electricity.

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