How Electrical Upgrades Can Improve Home Office Productivity

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Did you know that by getting a few easy electrical upgrades you can make your home office function much better? Whether you have always worked from home or it has only been recently, you likely already know where you can make improvements.

Regardless of the reason why increasing your productivity and making your office function better don’t take much commitment. You may even get some pointers on how to conserve your energy better.

Improve Your Home Office Productivity with These Electrical Upgrades

There is always something that can be changed in our home office and a few electrical upgrades can make the world of difference.

Outlets and Switches

If your home is older or you have recently converted a different room to be your new home office, there are likely some outlets and switches that need some help.

You want to avoid using extension cords or multi-plugs to accommodate everything. A few more convenient light switches and sockets, and perhaps a new charging station will free up some space elsewhere in the house.

Better Lighting

If your new office is an old bedroom, then you likely only have one light overhead. You need proper lighting to be able to use blue light devices as you work.

Your overhead light could do with a ceiling fan and a dimmer. Plus, a few softer task lights can help with eye strain and headaches. Consider LED lights that can be adjusted and save energy.

People are finding themselves meeting online these days and that doesn’t seem likely to change soon. Having the perfect lighting set-up for those meetings will save you stacking up the lamps and covering them with a towel or handkerchief.

Surge Protectors

An electrical upgrade that will help protect your equipment is surge protectors. If you have most of your devices in one room, they need to be protected. Surges can come from the home, off the grid, or in a storm.

Surge protectors are installed directly to your electrical panel, whole-house surge protection will be far more effective than a surge strip that simply plugs into the wall.

A big power surge can do a lot of damage to your equipment and other appliances. Without protection, these can become damaged and even catch fire.

Dedicated Computer Circuit

Another great electrical upgrade is to dedicate one socket to your main computer. This means you don’t have to keep plugging it in and taking it out again.

A dedicated circuit system will keep your computer plugged in away from other appliances or devices. This saves the wear and tear on the cords, the equipment, and you.

Get an Energy-Efficient Computer Monitor

If you work at home, chances are good that you spend most of your time in front of a computer monitor. If this is true for you, then one of the best ways to increase your productivity while working from home is to invest in energy-efficient monitors.

Panel Upgrades

Older homes were not wired to cope with all the appliances and devices we have now. If your electrical upgrade includes more sockets, then your electrical panel will need to be upgraded, as well. This helps keep your home safe and distribute the energy more evenly.

Electrical Upgrades for Your Home Office

It seems most of us had better get comfortable in our home offices. A few electrical upgrades can make working from home much more comfortable. Whether you need more light, air conditioning, or a few more outlets, we can help.

For more or to book a consultation, please contact us here at Fusion Electric. Don’t struggle with your home office that doesn’t work. Get the upgrades you need to make it function as a home office should.

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