How Much Does Landscape Lighting Cost?

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Regardless of the investment that a landscape lighting cost can be, it is entirely worth it in the end. Luckily, outdoor lighting is usually much more cost-efficient than other additions you could be making to your home to add to its value.

Only being able to use your outdoor property during natural lighting hours means it loses half of its utility. By adding lighting, you will add functionality, security, and value to your home.

Things to Consider for the Landscape Lighting Cost

It is essential that you understand how much landscape lighting can cost and what you are willing to spend on the ordeal.

It is also important to recognize that by adding this lighting to your property, your home’s curb appeal will increase, which will also increase your home’s value. A home’s value is ultimately what a buyer is willing to pay for it, so investing in outdoor lighting can be very wise.

Overall, the amount that you spend on outdoor lighting will depend on multiple factors. You are able to make the addition cheaper or more pricey based on the materials you choose and the labor of who installs it.

Additionally, the quality and type of light fixtures that you choose to have installed and the placement of these lights will impact the overall cost.

The size of the landscape area you are wanting illuminated matters as well because a larger space will need more light fixtures to illuminate it and could cause a higher labor cost.

The power source and size of the transformer required to safely illuminate the area also needs to be considered.

Lastly, the placement of the installed lights should be considered. Installing lights on outdoor features like trees could become more pricey due to labor.

Potential Cost of Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting tends to cost $3,500 on average but usually ranges between $2,100 and $4,900; however, outdoor lighting installation can cost anywhere from a mere $500 to $7,000.

Outdoor Lighting Placements

After you have a budget, you get to choose where the landscape lighting is and the techniques used to install it.


Highlighting is when the light is at the base of an outdoor fixture or structure.


When the light is a few feet away at an indirect angle to a wall or shrub, this is washing.


Up-lighting is when the light is placed low at the base light, similar to washing, but it is more direct.


When the lighting is bright and fixed from an eave, trellis, hardscape, or soffit feature, this is called down-lighting.

Path Lighting

Path lighting occurs when steps or obstacles are illuminated, and this usually includes staggered lighting.


This is when a light is installed on a surface, usually like the base of a wall or hardscape, to produce an accent and shadow.


Moonlighting is a little more unique than the techniques previously. This lighting is usually placed in a tree and creates a glow similar to moonlight. Soft large fixtures are placed in trees and angled downwards.


Silhouetting is when the light is behind the feature. It’s usually towards a close wall, to silhouette the feature it is behind.


When the light is just at the base of a feature, and towards a wall, this is shadowing.


This occurs when the light is angled up or down with a narrow beam from a hidden position.


When lights are placed slightly above or no more than 12 inches beneath the water’s surface. These lights tend to be near steps, at the ends of the pool area, or spaced along the side walls.

I Want to Know More About The Landscape Lighting Cost

Outdoor lighting is the perfect way to enjoy this summer and beat the heat. You can enjoy the cool outdoors at nighttime with this installation.

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