How Much Will My Indoor Lighting Cost?

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As you likely expect, there are several factors that will impact the indoor lighting cost of your home or commercial business.

There are components such as the construction of the home, the ceiling material, the type of fixture that is being installed, the labor of those installing the fixture, and the accessibility of the location at which the installment is occurring that all need to be considered when budgeting for indoor lighting.

Construction of Home and Ceiling Material

One of the main factors of an indoor lighting installation that impacts the cost is the placement of the light fixture(s).

When lighting is being installed indoors, there will likely be at least one, if not many, penetrations into the building material, whether that is wall or ceiling. Penetrations within drywall are much simpler than penetrations in lath or plaster when installing lights.

Installing recessed lighting actually involves cutting holes in the ceiling and not just penetrations.

The construction or material of the ceiling in which the light is being installed can impact the costs of the installation.

Type of Fixture Being Installed

Depending on the type of light fixture that is being installed within the home, the costs can be affected.

You could have a flush or surface mount fixture installed, a recess or can light installed, or a newer installation of LED wafer light. There are many different types of light fixtures and each type will have its own range of costs.

Labor and Accessibility

The location where the lighting fixtures are being installed is a factor in the overall cost because this placement impacts the amount of time, labor, and materials needed to complete the installation properly.

If you choose an area in your home to add or replace lighting that has more accessibility, then this will reduce the amount of time, labor, materials, and, therefore, the cost of the project.

A more accessible area would be an area that has an attic space above the room of the installation, whereas a less accessible area is an area that has a bedroom or finished space above it.

Repurposing Old Wiring or Adding New Wiring

If the location of installation requires new wiring for the fixture, then naturally, this is going to be an added cost. This is not always required, though.

If you already have existing lighting installed and just want to modify the light from say a surface mount light to a recessed light, then this usually allows for repurposing the existing wiring.

However, if you are expanding your lighting system, then it is likely that new wiring will need to be added.

If you do need to alter the wiring in a structure to accommodate the new lighting, it is possible that you will need a permit for the project.

Additional Indoor Lighting Cost

There are additional costs to be aware of when budgeting for indoor lighting installation. One of which is drywall repair.

Because penetrations or entire holes are being cut into the ceiling for installation of the light fixture, you want to be prepared to pay for any repairs necessary.

National Average Costs of Indoor Lighting Installation

The exact cost of your lighting installation will differ depending on the number and type of light fixtures you want to be installed, the existing wiring within the home, and the accessibility of the location of the home.

The average cost people pay for the installation of light fixtures is around $175. It usually ranges between $150 and $225. Some people can get their lights installed for between $60 and $98, but others must spend $500 to $956.

Traditional ceiling lights tend to be $90-$185. Recessed lights are usually $175-$225. Fluorescent lights range from $90 to $215.

I Want To Check My Indoor Lighting Cost For Installation

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