Is Switching to Energy Efficient Lighting Worth It?

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Illuminate your world while being kinder to the planet; energy efficient lighting presents a viable solution. This article will explain the fundamental concepts of this lighting revolution and discuss why switching to energy efficient lighting is worth it.

What is Energy Efficient Lighting?

Energy efficient lighting, as the name implies, refers to light sources that use less energy than traditional lighting options. It encompasses a range of technologies such as LED, CFL, and halogen incandescents.

Not only do these sources provide the same amount of light, but they also do so using less power. The result is a reduction in energy usage and, by extension, utility costs.

Why Should You Switch to Energy Efficient Lighting?

Switching to energy efficient lighting holds significant benefits for both homeowners and the environment. By using less power to light your home, you reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to the global effort against climate change.

At the same time, energy efficient lighting minimizes household energy consumption, leading to substantial savings on utility bills. It’s an easy change that yields significant rewards, making it a crucial step towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Economic Benefits of Energy Efficient Lighting

With the rising cost of energy, it’s essential to find ways to minimize consumption. One effective way to achieve this is by focusing on energy efficient lighting.

Home Energy Use

In the average home, lighting accounts for about 15% of the total energy use. While this might not seem like a substantial percentage, when you consider the cost over time, it adds up significantly. By switching to energy efficient lighting, homeowners have the opportunity to make a substantial dent in this figure.


On average, a home that switches to energy efficient lighting could see savings of around $225 on the utility bill annually. That’s a substantial saving that can be redirected to other household expenses or savings.

LED Lighting: Overview

In the realm of energy efficient lighting, LED technology has made a significant impact. Let’s take a closer look at how it compares to traditional options and the benefits it brings.

Incandescent Bulbs vs. LED

Traditional incandescent bulbs are notorious energy guzzlers when compared to their LED counterparts. LEDs not only use less power to produce the same amount of light but also last much longer, further enhancing their cost-effectiveness and reducing energy consumption.

Benefits of Switching to LED

Switching to LED energy efficient lighting is one of the quickest ways to cut energy consumption in your home. Not only will you notice a difference in your energy bills, but you’ll also contribute to a reduction in the global energy demand and environmental impact.

Energy Efficient Lighting Controls

The journey towards reducing energy use and cost doesn’t stop at energy efficient lighting. Introducing controls such as dimmers and timers can take it a step further.

Dimmers and Timers

Dimmers and timers can greatly reduce the amount of energy consumed by your lighting. By allowing you to adjust the intensity of your lights with dimmers or set timers to switch off lights when they’re not needed, you can further cut energy use.

Installing Lighting Controls

Adding lighting controls like dimmers and timers to your energy efficient lighting setup can yield even more savings on your utility bill. Not only are you using less energy with more efficient bulbs, but you’re also ensuring they’re only on when needed, minimizing waste and maximizing savings.


The benefits of energy efficient lighting extend beyond merely reducing your electricity bills. They represent a significant stride towards a more sustainable future. To summarize, energy efficient lighting:

  • Reduces your overall energy consumption, thereby saving on utility bills
  • Contributes to the global effort against climate change by reducing your carbon footprint
  • LED options offer superior energy efficiency and longevity compared to traditional incandescent bulbs
  • Further savings can be realized through the use of lighting controls such as dimmers and timers

The Next Steps

Switching to energy efficient lighting is an easy yet impactful way to make your home more environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Start by replacing your most frequently used lights with their energy efficient counterparts, and gradually work your way through the rest of your home.

To learn more about the best energy efficient lighting options for your home or to explore our range of energy-saving lighting solutions, please contact us. We’re here to help you make the switch and start enjoying the benefits of energy efficient lighting.

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