Summer Electrical Upgrades for Your Kansas City Home

Summer Electrical Upgrades

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If you’re planning work for your house this warm season, you may be considering summer electrical upgrades for your home. For the inside or outside of the house, the warm months are a great time to install new fixtures and lights, replace old wiring, and upgrade panels.

At Fusion Electric, we’re proud to offer high-quality, modern, and safe electrical services to homeowners across the Kansas City area. In this guide, we’ll discuss various options for electrical upgrades to your home.

Install New or Additional Ceiling Fans

During the hot Kansas City summer, many homeowners use ceiling fans to supplement their HVAC system to stay comfortable and cool. Summer is the perfect time for ceiling fan upgrades.

If your ceiling fans are outdated, they may not work as well as they should or may be a bit underpowered for the room. Modern ceiling fan options abound, and you may find that updating to one of the modern options improves the look and feel of your space.

You may also find that while your current ceiling fans are great, you could benefit from adding additional fans throughout your home to combat the summer heat. Especially in rooms that may not be connected to the air conditioning, such as a screened-in porch, installing a new ceiling fan can create an inviting, cool space to relax in the heat of the day.

Upgrade Outlet Panels

Summer is the perfect time to upgrade your electrical outlets with modern outlets that can protect against shock and power surges, such as GFCI (Ground Fault Current Interrupters) and AFCI (Arc Fault Current Interrupters).


GFCI outlets help protect against electrocution by monitoring the amount of current flowing through the wires to and from equipment or appliances. If it senses even a tiny difference in current flow, it will shut off, preventing shock in the case that water is interfering with the current flow.

As summer activities often can involve water near outlets, it’s crucial to make sure outlets near water sources such as the bathroom, kitchens, pool areas, etc are protected with GFCIs.


AFCIs protect against power surges that can lead to equipment damage or even fires. In the summer, appliance usage often increases for homeowners with children as summer break means more time spent at home. AFCI outlets are important to install in areas of the home with high power usage, such as the living room.

If your kiddos are playing video games, while you’re watching the TV, and your spouse is on the computer, all in the same room, an AFCI outlet can protect against a potential surge. By immediately interrupting the circuit flow if it detects an arc fault caused by power overload, an AFCI outlet protects against electrical damage and fire.

Perform Summer Electrical Upgrades by Installing Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting around your home can provide an inviting, safe, and lovely atmosphere for gatherings during the summer. If you have a pool, patio, porch, or garden, installing light fixtures can significantly increase the usage, nighttime safety, and aesthetic beauty of the space.

If you have kids or love to host outdoor summer events, upgrading or adding new outdoor lighting to your home enhances the ability to safely enjoy your outdoor areas.

At Fusion Electric, our professional team of expert electricians can provide beautiful, modern, and safe lighting outside your home. From pool lights, pathway lighting, security lighting, and stand-alone fixtures, our excellent team has you covered.

Contact the Summer Electrical Upgrade Pros at Fusion Electric

Summer is the perfect time to enhance your home’s electrical system and lighting. If you’re ready to make summer electrical upgrades to your home, contact us at Fusion Electric today!

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