The Potential Effect of Outdated Appliances on Your Home

If you have outdated wiring, circuit breakers, or electrical panels in your home, it can affect overall function, safety, and value. The truth is, outdated appliances can pose a serious risk, too, especially if they are combined with other, older electrical infrastructure. In many cases, simple electric pairs may not be enough – it may be necessary to replace the problem appliances. read more

The Three Prong Adapter: Are They Safe?

The three- or two-prong adapter, which is also called a cheater plug, allows you to connect a three-pronged plug to a non-grounded receptacle that only has two slots. These are mainly used for plugging in electronics and appliances to the older two-prong receptacles. read more

Is Your Home’s Electrical Panel Overworking?

Are you having to go to the circuit breaker so often that you are frustrated and annoyed, there’s a good chance that your electrical panel is working overtime. An outdated and overworked electrical panel is a hassle that no homeowner should have to deal with. read more

3 Money Saving Electrical Products You Can Install Today

If you knew how much energy you were wasting without knowing it, it would make your head spin. You're in luck because Fusion Electric in Kansas City is here to offer a few tips on how to cut down on energy hogging and start seeing some real savings on your energy bill, as well as how to make your home…

4 Awesome Home Electrical Upgrades You’ll Love

USB Outlets With all of the USB-dependent devices found in almost every home in the U.S. today, this upgrade will come in super handy. Stop relying on AC adapters to charge your devices. Instead of having dozens of adapters to charge several devices at once, there is another option. Simply install a USB outlet in place of your traditional outlets.…

5 Electrical Upgrades That Make Your Kansas City Home Safer

We use electricity in our homes today now more than ever before, so electrical upgrades make sense. It's no longer realistic to have just enough electricity to power lights and a few major appliances. Today's family typically has multiple electronic devices, multiple TVs, electric cooktops, pool or spa pumps, central air conditioning...the list goes on! If you live in an…