What a Lighting Upgrade Can Do For Your Kansas City Business

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Giving your business a lighting upgrade has plenty of undeniable benefits that range from boosting its looks to more practical uses. Take a look at these 5 ways a lighting upgrade can benefit your business!

1) Getting a lighting upgrade can help you save on energy

Upgrading your lighting installations to smart ones will let you regulate the brightness of your lights remotely, depending on your preferred settings for particular instances. When it comes to your office or business, a lighting upgrade can help with substantial savings on energy consumption. Dimming the lights by 50% can help raise the lifespan of each lamp in an office by 20 times! This development can save as much as 60% on energy use.

Smart light bulbs also have this distinct feature that lets you optimize their brightness for daylight harvesting. This means it automatically adjusts the brightness of the lighting inside your commercial space, depending on how much natural light there is. Lastly, since most lighting upgrades utilize LEDs, you’ll enjoy excellent energy efficiency compared to either incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lamps.

2) Enjoy better productivity when you get a lighting upgrade

Safe to say that light plays a vital role in the productivity of your workforce. It’s extremely difficult to write things down, or type things up, or even work with heavy equipment when there’s insufficient lighting. Worse, accidents can easily happen when workers aren’t able to see well in the workspace.

Getting a lighting upgrade might mean that you’ll be able to customize the brightness in specific areas of the office or individual cubicles. This kind of flexibility is important as you will be able to fulfill the lighting needs of your workers, letting them focus on their work more, thereby boosting productivity. Smart lighting systems may also come equipped with motion sensors that automatically turn the lights on when somebody enters the space. This is a great feature to have as employees no longer have to fumble in the dark, looking for the light switch. Also, these will turn the lights off automatically after employees leave the area, thus saving you money on power consumption.

3) A lighting upgrade gives you the ability to set the mood

Getting a lighting upgrade offers the ability to set the mood of both customers and employees. Take restaurants and retail stores for example: dimming the lights produces an intimate vibe for diners while flashy lighting in retail stores emphasizes specific promos or products.

4) Enjoy incredible convenience

Smart lighting systems often come with an app that you can access from your smartphone or any mobile device. Through this, you can brighten, dim, and create lighting schedules for the lighting system inside your office or business facility. You may even control your lighting system using smart buttons and voice recognition! Not only will you enjoy convenience with this feature but you will also have access to handy data on energy consumption that you can use to improve your energy efficiency.

5) Hassle-free installation

Installing conventional lighting systems can be a tough and time-consuming task. However, you can escape this by using smart LEDs, which are installed rather easily. You can just take out the old bulbs and screw in the new ones. There is no need for tedious rewiring as smart LED systems use wireless networks for control.

If you want to upgrade either the indoor or outdoor lights in your business or commercial space, you can call on the experts at Fusion Electric. We are thoroughly equipped to handle everything from simple electrical repairs to upgrades to installations. Visit our website at https://www.fusionkc.com/ to learn more.

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