What are the Risks of Outdated Wiring in Your Home?

risks of outdated wiring

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There are many dangerous risks of outdated wiring frameworks. You’re taking a tremendous gamble by leaving old wiring in your home, something that could cause a fire and other serious problems. Let’s identify the problems with old wiring and explore ways to improve and update what you have in your home.

The Major Risks of Outdated Wiring

Fire hazards should be a chief concern for any homeowner. Even folks who know very little about wiring are aware that faulty electrical work is among the greatest contributors to fire damage. This is a pronounced concern for residents of older homes, particularly ones built before the 1950s.

In the old days, electricians would install something called “knob and tube” wiring, which is now obsolete. You could think of it as the lead piping of electrical work because they put it into houses all the time before they knew of its fire potential.

There are other wiring substances that are problematic for different reasons, too. Aluminum was a popular writing substance until electricians discovered that it also overheats. Today’s electric codes forbid most of the bad electrical substances of the past, but we still find these in old houses. If you live in such a home (60 years or older), contact us for a safety inspection.

Common Signs of Outdated Wiring & Other Electrical Trouble

You’ll notice certain red flags or signs that indicate wire trouble in your home. If you notice a greater frequency of circuit breaker trips, power draws, flickering lights, buzzing sounds, burning smells, or any other unusual circumstances, then outdated writing could be the culprit. In addition to that, it’s possible they didn’t install it terribly well in the first place, meaning you may need to redo it or pursue other service upgrades.

You should also be careful if your home has any of the older outlets with two prongs rather than three. Those aren’t grounded, which leaves you vulnerable to shocks and power surges. We always recommend replacing them.

Summer Electrical Safety Concerns

Since fires are an even bigger issue in the hot summers, we should focus on specific safety measures that will help you lower your chances of a dangerous accident. These are the best ways to exhibit electrical safety in the summer.

  • Install Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs)
    GFCIs help all over the home, but especially in places where water exposure could become an issue. The reason they’re called “interrupters” is that they’ll interrupt the circuit flow and shut down appliances whenever exposed to surges, water exposure, or other disturbances. These are vital safety mechanisms for any modern home.
  • Watch out for Water and Electrical Appliances
    Again, water is a big issue, any time of year. Mixing water with electricity is one of the most common ways to cause a deadly home fire. Always remember to keep electronic equipment away from bathtubs or pools. It’s the best way to avoid shock and electrocution.
  • Be Careful Around Power Lines
    You probably know that downed power lines are deadly and to stay clear of them. However, even a functioning power line is hazardous if you have children climbing nearby trees or if there’s a thunderstorm. You’re better off staying away from them as much as you can.

Fusion Electric Helps You Eliminate the Risks of Outdated Wiring

Fusion Electric is the best electrical contractor in Kansas City, especially for updating faulty wiring. Our team of electricians is fully certified, bonded, and licensed to handle any rewiring task. This is critical to improving the safety conditions of your home.

Through a total commitment to 100% customer satisfaction, Fusion Electric has earned a 5-star rating on Google Reviews from homeowners and business owners in the area. We’re also BloggerLocal’s pick for Top Electrician Companies in Kansas City.

The risks of outdated writing in your home can lead to serious problems, so contact us today for a comprehensive inspection and maintenance.

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