What Causes My Circuit Breakers to Trip Too Often?

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Let’s discuss some of the typical scenarios that may cause your circuit breakers to trip more often. It’s a common problem for Kansas City homes, especially during thunderstorms or peak usage times. Homeowners should know what causes breakers to trip so that they can implement solutions and avoid revisiting the same problem repeatedly.

What Usually Causes Circuit Breakers to Trip?

There are many reasons for a breaker trip. The most common culprit comes from plugging too many items into one breaker. If, for example, you have one with 13 outlets, and you max it out by using every one of them, you’re bound to encounter trouble. This happens the most when a breaker has to support several high-energy appliances like vacuum cleaners, space heaters, and other electronic components.

Appliances that Use the Most Electricity

Of course, sometimes the biggest electricity hogs are your largest appliances, which include:

  • Air Conditioners
  • Water Heaters
  • Televisions
  • Microwaves
  • Dryers
  • Ovens
  • Lighting
  • Washing Machines

If you suspect one or more of these are overwhelming a particular breaker, then it might help to have one of us visit your home for a safety inspection. There, we can determine if there is too much plugged into a single location.

Older Equipment & Less Reliable Brands

You can probably guess that older panels and circuitry lend themselves most especially to this problem. The older equipment can create heat and break down the internal components, causing them to trip much more often.

Also, the age of the electrical panel can exacerbate things. One of our most common calls for service upgrades comes from clients who want to replace older gear that has gone well past the normal life expectancy.

Finally, there are several brands of panels and circuit breakers that don’t function properly, and they’re actually potential fire hazards. We recommend staying away from breaker boxes from Wadsworth, Zinsco, Federal Pacific, and Push-o-Matic.

More on Electrical Safety

Since this topic touches on many safety matters, we thought it would be prudent to review one of our recent posts on electrical safety tips. Follow these guidelines for better safety and performance.

  • Unplug the appliance you aren’t using.
    This is both a safety issue and a key contributor to energy consumption. If there are kitchen appliances that you seldom use (i.e., blenders, toasters, and can openers), keep them unplugged.
  • Never run cords under carpets or doors.
    It’s dangerous to run cords under doors and carpets, and we see it all the time in both residential and commercial settings. If you break a cord and expose the wiring, it could become a fire hazard.
  • Keep water away from electrical equipment.
    Here’s another huge factor for managing your kitchen or bathroom space. You should only use waterproof electrical equipment in these areas. Despite all today’s modern safety measures, there are still hundreds of people who experience shock or electrocution from mixing water and electricity.
  • Use proper wattage for light bulbs.
    Avoid high-wattage bulbs in the wrong locations. Older incandescent bulbs get hot quickly and could present a fire hazard.

Call Fusion Electric for Help With Circuit Breakers

We hope we’ve given you the confidence that you don’t have to endure breaker problems with no recourse. Fusion Electric has a dedicated staff to address safety and efficiency difficulties. Moreover, we have several combined decades of experience troubleshooting any lighting or electrical calamity.

Our business proudly boasts a perfect 5-star rating from our satisfied customers, according to Google Reviews. We also enjoy sponsorship from Angie’s List along with an A+ accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

You can count on an effective solution to circuit breaker tripping when you contact Fusion Electric, the top electrical contractor in Kansas City.

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