What Electrical Upgrades Can Make Your Home Safer?

Electrical Upgrades

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We offer several electrical upgrades that can make your home safer by addressing problems like improper wiring, faulty outlets, breaker overload, and more. You can’t put a price on the peace of mind that comes from eliminating fire and shock hazards while improving energy efficiency. These are some effective ways to remedy electrical discrepancies once and for all.

Important Electrical Upgrades for Home Safety

  • Ground Fault Current Interrupters (GFCIs)
    GFCIs are a simple and effective way to shore up common electrical problems. If you’ve ever had an appliance shock you, it’s because of too much current flowing through the wires. GFCIs can detect current surges and respond by shutting down the electrical flow.
  • Arc Fault Current Interrupters (ARCIs)
    AFCIs follow a similar concept and are an excellent way to limit fire potential. Arc faults occur whenever there’s heavy electrical usage in a particular area. Whenever several electronic devices cause a current spike, the AFCI will interrupt it and prevent overheating.
  • Breaker Boxes & Service Panels
    These are two of the most important focus areas for service upgrades. A lot of older homes have only 60 amp service, whereas modern capacity standards are 100 amps. This upgrade makes a big difference if your home experiences power surges, lost electricity, burnt light bulbs, breaker trips, and flickering lights. Don’t forget to look around our website for great deals on this (including $50 off panel service).
  • Rewiring
    Finally, when all else fails, rewiring your home may be necessary if you have loose or obsolete wiring. This is a common renovation for homes built before the 1950s.

Other Electrical Upgrades & Enhancements

Fusion Electric also performs several other upgrades that improve electrical quality and boost curb appeal. Those include:

  • Indoor Lighting
    There’s so much you can do with lighting to provide better direct or ambient lighting inside your home. Fusion Electric helps homeowners set up chandeliers, wall sconces, pool table lighting, dome lights, pendant lights, and more.
  • Outdoor Lighting
    We have way more ways to brighten our backyards and the rest of our home exterior nowadays. This covers everything from patio lighting, swimming pools, hot tubs, driveway lights, garden lights, and so forth. We’re happy to assist with any outdoor installation task.
  • Ceiling Fan Installation
    Ceiling fans can contribute well to your indoor or patio ambiance. Plus, they’re a great alternative to air conditioning when the weather is warm but less excruciating.

You can find out more about enhancements like these by reviewing our earlier post on summer electrical upgrades for your Kansas City home.

Avoid the “DIY” Approach to These Jobs

Electrical work involves a lot of precision and expertise. Our technicians spend lots of time in trade school honing their craft and mastering electrical codes and regulations. Therefore, we don’t recommend you attempt these projects on your own.

Since we’re talking about safety, it’s important to remember that electrical work can be dangerous without proper training. Replacing faulty wires would expose you to shocks and other unexpected hazards. When in doubt, it’s better to get professional help for a small fee.

Call Fusion Electric to Upgrade Your Kansas City Home

Fusion Electric is the best electrical service and installation company in the Kansas City Metro Area. Whether you want to install new indoor/outdoor lighting, obtain an electrical safety inspection, or address problems with loose wiring, we can handle it.

We don’t make these claims without substantiating them, either. Our satisfied customers leave us tons of testimonials, and we have a perfect 5-star rating on Google Reviews. Fusion Electric proudly serves several communities like Overland Park, Lenexa, Leawood, and Mission.

Call us today at 913-563-7975 to find out more about the best electrical upgrades for your home.

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