What Are the Exterior Electrical Considerations for Adding a Pool or Spa?

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We’d like to draw your attention to some of the exterior electrical considerations that go along with purchasing a new swimming pool or spa. These are awesome ways to bolster your backyard, deck, or patio, and it’s even better when you illuminate them for evening use all year long.

Of course, these luxury items have many electrical components that require you to have a licensed electrician handy. These are the most important electrical considerations and safety concerns for owning a pool or spa.

Exterior Electrical Considerations for Hot Tubs or Spas

Whether we’re discussing spas, hot tubs, or swimming pools, the main electrical consideration is to make sure that all circuitry is GFCI (Ground-Fault-Circuit-Interrupter) protected. This is a crucial safety task because it’s the primary way to mitigate shock hazards.

Water and electricity definitely don’t mix so we want to make sure all the enclosures for electrical equipment are 3R or outdoor rated. After that, we must pay careful attention to where we position all the emergency disengage equipment. When you install a spa or hot tub, the disconnect mechanism must be no more than five feet away from the spa. Finally, the means for disconnecting it must be within sight.

Electrical Components for Swimming Pool Installation

What do we do to ensure safety when we install swimming pools?

The first thing is to make sure you have a continuous bond created with at least size #8 copper wire, which connects to the rebar and the pool deck. Continuity in electrical equipment is essential for avoiding shocks and electrocution. The wiring helps connect all the pool’s equipment: ladders, pumps, the chlorinator, heaters, and so forth.

Why Is Bonding So Important?

This creates equal potential between all parts of the pool equipment. Bonding is a process where all the metallic and electrical components of the pool connect by wire to create a non-resistive path between all other components. The goal of bonding pool equipment is to prevent the transmission of any hazardous electrical currents to people or pets.

Other Exterior Electrical Items to Consider

If you read our previous post on outdoor patio ideas, then you saw how pools and hot tub lighting is one of the best electrical upgrades. There are a few others as well:

  • Outlet Upgrades
    We have to start with outlets because they’re another place for hazard potential if you lack the proper grounding protection. Besides safety problems, it would be incredibly expensive to replace all the excellent electrical equipment you have outdoors (hot tub, stereo system, TV, etc.) because of faulty outlets.
  • Outdoor Televisions
    This is a terrific way to enhance your patio and facilitate outdoor gatherings. We’re more than happy to help you get the wire squared away properly so that you can watch a movie or the next Chiefs game on your back patio.
  • Security Lighting
    Outdoor lighting is a very popular upgrade amenity among Kansas City customers. This is a serious concern for both homeowners and business owners alike. Even the insurance companies appreciate when you add more security lighting, and will reward you with lower premiums for installing it.

Fusion Electrical Handles All Spa, Pool, & Outdoor Electrical Services

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