What Should I Do If My House Has Aluminum Wiring?

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Aluminum wiring is another outdated wiring system you might find in older homes. They’re known for being a fire hazard if the wire connections shift or become loose. We’d like to show you what you should do if you buy a house with this wiring style.

What is Aluminum Wiring?

Aluminum is softer than copper wiring, and it expands and contracts a lot more, too. This can be a major problem because it usually leads to loose connections. That may not seem like a big deal but it means you have to check the wiring connections on ALL your outlets, switches, and breakers annually.

If you don’t monitor loose connections, you could put your household at risk. Obviously, the need to check on your entire electrical framework each year is inconvenient and cumbersome, which is why home builders don’t install it anymore.

How Do We Address Aluminum Wiring?

If you see the aluminum style of wiring, there is a type of “workaround” we can do to address it without fully replacing everything.

One way to do this is to install what electricians call a “copper-aluminum pigtail.” This is a piece of copper wiring with a specific UL-listed connector. If you don’t use the right device, you risk corrosion and ultimately a greater fire hazard. After we install the pigtail, then a copper-rated device goes in place of the older switch, breaker, or outlet. That’s usually enough to deal with the problem.

You should always contact a licensed electrician for a safety inspection if you encounter aluminum wire in your house. A professional can help mitigate the problem wherever possible.

Other Serious Electrical Issues

Besides obsolete wiring, we recommend monitoring certain other electrical issues when buying a new home.

  • Sloppy Circuit Panels
    A telltale sign of electrical trouble is when you find a circuit panel with way too many connections or with lots of exposed/touching wires. This is unsafe and usually a predictor of future troubles like frequent breaker trips and power surges.
  • Problems with Outlets and Switches
    Sometimes you’ll find rooms that don’t have enough outlets, but it’s also common to see old or worn-out outlets and switches. How do you know they’re damaged? If the covers seem hot, plugs don’t fit very well, or you notice scorch marks, then we advise you to have an electrician replace them.
  • Insufficient GFCI Protection
    One of our most popular electrical services involves GFCI installation. Ideally, you would have it on every electrical outlet, but at least on the ones most vulnerable to water damage, or those that experience heavy usage.

Also, as we always warn, please resist the urge to address these problems yourself. Electrical work is one of the most dangerous things you can do alone. If you suspect problems like these, call Fusion Electric for help.

Fusion Electric: Kansas City’s Best Electrical Installation & Repair Service

We offer our professional services whether you need every outlet replaced, want help troubleshooting your circuit panels, or have concerns about faulty wiring. Our team has decades of combined experience, so we’ve seen every electrical scenario in virtually any dwelling.

All of our electricians receive training, certification, and on-the-job apprenticeship before we consider them capable of handling these very serious issues. This contributes to our impeccable customer service record, which you can verify by reading through dozens of positive testimonials. That’s how we’ve amassed a perfect 5-star rating from satisfied customers all over our community.

Contact Fusion Electric for aluminum wiring replacement and any other essential electrical services in Kansas City.

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