What is Whole House Surge Protection?

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Is it worth it to get whole house surge protection for your home in Kansas City? There is a strong case for it, especially if your home struggles with surges. Fusion Electric offers this kind of surge protection as part of our many electrical services to home and business owners in Kansas City.

Basics of Whole House Surge Protection

You can install whole house surge protectors onto your electric panel or directly inside of it.

How does this help?

Surge protection works like an electrical sponge. If there are internal or external spikes in electricity (from inside the home or from external problems like lightning), the surge protector intervenes to absorb the spike. This is crucial for homeowners with lots of expensive electronic equipment because surge protection is the primary way to protect your appliances.

There’s also “point-of-use surge protection,” something we recommend for additional protection. You would get this from a surge protector strip, which many Americans have somewhere in their homes.

You have the choice of many varieties of whole house surge protectors. Some install within the electrical panel like a circuit breaker. Others are external devices mounted on or within the electrical panel and connect to a circuit breaker. Both offer reliable surge protection and a smart investment for Kansas City homeowners.

Benefits of Having Whole House Surge Protection

There are several benefits to using universal surge protection in your home.

  • It protects expensive electronic appliances.
    Do you work from home with lots of electronic gadgets like smartphones, tablets, and other devices with lots of data? Then you’re taking an enormous risk by not having sufficient surge protection.
  • It’s also a safeguard against fire hazards.
    Surges can lead to sparks, overheating, and severe electrical arcing. As long as that’s the case, then you know fires are possible in extreme circumstances. Therefore, surge protection is a critical part of home safety.
  • There’s plenty of variety to match the size of your home at its electrical capacity.
    Surge protection is available for any size home, including 120-volt systems. In fact, the more electricity your home consumes, the greater the chance of electrical surge. Some estimates show that about 80% of surges come from within the home, often because of heavy energy usage.
  • Eliminate all the short transient surges.
    Since a surge can come and go in the blink of an eye, you might not notice it every time one occurs. Once again, surge protection allows for peace of mind regardless of duration or frequency.

Other Ways to Prevent Power Surges

The root cause of many surge problems is electrical problems in your home. While it’s not always a sign of damaged components, surges may be a telling indicator of faulty writing, overworked breakers, or insufficient electrical service level. This doesn’t mean you should ignore surge protection, but that you should have an electrician look for underlying causes if you’re struggling with surges.

If you’d like to learn more on this topic, check out this quick article on whole house surge protectors.

Call Fusion Electric for Surge Protection Installation

Fusion Electric is your go-to source for electrical upgrades in the KC metro area, including surge protection. Only a licensed electrician should do anything to alter or augment your circuit breakers, so get in touch with us if you’re serious about adding comprehensive surge protection.

Our service is fast, and thorough, and all of our technicians arrive on time. That’s why we get rave reviews and testimonials from all our past clients, including an aggregate 5-star rating on Google Reviews. We serve Kansas City, Overland Park, and all the major neighborhoods throughout our community.

Contact us to learn more about whole house surge protection and outstanding installation service from Fusion Electric.

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