7 Ways to Lower Your Electricity Bill this Summer

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We all like to save money. Now that the warmer weather is here, we often see a jump in our electricity bills. While we all want to be comfortable, we don’t want to spend our entire summer budget trying to keep cool. Here are a few ways you can cut your electricity bill and still enjoy the summer.

Tips For Lowering Your Electricity Bill

There are often plenty of things we can do to keep the cost of running electricity down. See how many more ways to cut your electricity bill this summer you can think of.

Get an Energy Audit

Schedule a visit from an expert to come in and assess your energy use. They can determine where you use energy most, whether there are any problems or repairs needed, and any other problems.

Faulty wiring, leaks, old appliances that use too much energy. Any of these concerns can save you a lot of money throughout the year. An upgrade to your electric system can also save a lot of money.

Leaks allow air to escape and make your air conditioner work that much harder. Leaks in ceilings, around windows and doors can cost you a lot of money over the summer.

Install Ceiling Fans

Your air conditioner can use a lot of energy. If it is old, blocked or dirty it can end up costing more to run it. Ceiling fans create a strong breeze and keep air circulating throughout the home.

That allows you to cut out the need for lower temperatures in the home. Did you know ceiling fans can be installed outside, as well? If you have a porch, covered outdoor area, or an outdoor kitchen, consider installing a few ceiling fans outside, as well.

Take Care of Your HVAC

Scheduling regular maintenance on your heater and air conditioner will make sure they are running the best they can be. When they are turned off for several months out of season, they get dirty, clogged and they end up having to work far harder if they work at all.

Cook Outside

If you have the option to, stay outside. Rather than having to cool the house when you are cooking indoors, just cook outside. You won’t heat up the house and you won’t have to cool it down.

Check Appliances

Older appliances can use way more energy than newer, energy-efficient ones will. If your appliances are over ten years old, get them serviced or replaced.

Smart Thermometers

With advanced technology, you can get thermometers you can control from anywhere. Use your phone to turn the air conditioner on or off when you want. Preprogram it to turn on before you arrive home. They can also remember your regular settings and start and stop automatically.

Keep The Sun Out

Keeping the direct sunlight out of the room will keep the temperature from rising. Get good blinds that will stop the direct light from coming in. You can still keep the windows open for a great cross breeze, just don’t let the sun heat up the place.

Call An Expert

Call in an electrician to inspect your wiring and appliances. There may be a few problems that need to be repaired that will save you a lot of money. They can answer any questions you might have and are happy to make suggestions for you to save money based on your own situation.

Contact us today for full-service electrical needs and take advantage of our special discount coupons to save you even more. If you feel you need an upgrade or want a safety inspection, call us today.

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