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Fuse Blowers: What’s the Biggest Energy User in Your House?

Even if you have made every effort to turn everything off when it isn’t being used, there are some devices that may still drain energy out of your home, along with money from your wallet as soon as you flip the switch. You need to make sure you know of the worst energy culprits in your house so that you can think about unplugging if you don’t need them on standby. Keep in mind, this list doesn’t include the most obvious candidates such as your refrigerator or air conditioner.

Game Consoles

Did you know that your seemingly innocent Xbox and PlayStation can actually cost you over $100 each year if you don’t turn them off when they aren’t in use? While the more modern consoles have a standby mode that doesn’t drain much power, if you leave the unit running all the time, then it can be disastrous in regard to system performance and power usage.

Set-Top Boxes and DVRs

This box, which is sitting quietly in your entertainment center, can actually cost you as much to run as your refrigerator can. Since cable boxes and DVRs are always in standby mode and ready to be used, they often draw just as much power when they are turned off, as they do when they are turned on. If you know that you aren’t going to be recording anything or watching anything for a while, then you can save money by unplugging this box.

The Microwave

A microwave is a real energy hog when they are turned on and being used; however, what happens when they are off. Microwaves are always drawing power to keep their clock lit up and to keep the buttons on standby. Over time, this can really add up.

Ceiling Fans

There are many people who believe that if you keep your fans on, it carries negligible costs, which results in many people leaving their fans on all the time, in every room of the house. The fan isn’t going to actually cool the room, though, as they just give that sensation because the air is moving around. If you aren’t going to be in a room, turn the fans off. Then, turn them back on when you come back in. You will get the same benefits, by you won’t have to pay for the fans that aren’t doing anything beneficial.

Devices that are Fully Charged

Do you leave your phone or laptop plugged in after it is fully charged? If so, you are wasting power. While the power that you are using is going to taper off a bit after the device is charged, they are still going to be burning electricity, without providing any type of benefit to your device.

When it comes to energy vampires in your home, there are more than a few culprits to be aware of. Consider unplugging these items and chances are you will be able to save quite a bit of money.