How Can I Add More or Better Garage Lighting?

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Garage lighting has become a more popular upgrade item in recent years since Kansas City homeowners use their garage areas for many diverse purposes. You may wish to do this as well since it adds more value and curb appeal to your home. Plus, it allows lots of new opportunities to use the garage as an extra room, office, or for storage.

This is what you should know about adding new lights to your garage.

LED Lights: Today’s Most Common Way to Upgrade Garage Lighting

Most car garages begin with standard, builder-grade, keyless light fixtures. There’s nothing wrong with them but they’re pretty simple, and you may wish to upgrade to something better.

What do people like to use for upgrades? You can enjoy better lighting with more energy efficiency by adding LED lights in place of traditional incandescent bulbs. This alone makes a tremendous impact on lighting ambiance.

Why are LED bulbs so popular nowadays?

  • They require substantially less wattage than normal light bulbs.
  • Although they cost more upfront, you’ll save in the long run because they last longer and consume about six times less electricity.
  • You can get them in many styles and colors.
  • LED lights have better dimming capability.
  • They don’t produce as much heat, so you can actually keep rooms cooler in the summer.
  • LED lights are also environmentally safe since they do not include mercury, which you may find in other lights such as fluorescent bulbs.

Strip Fixture for LED Lighting in Garages

Then, there’s another common way homeowners will improve their garage lights. They’ll remove the standard fixture and install either a four-foot or eight-foot LED strip fixture for additional lighting. You can do this to create specific task lighting for your garage workbench, storage shelves, or anything else that needs focused lighting.

Folks love this approach because it’s a cost-effective way to spruce up a garage or storage shed. A humble strip fixture arrangement might cost less than $100 to put together.

Need More Lighting Upgrade Ideas?

Finally, could go a step further and expand your lighting options elsewhere around the house. We have several suggestions for ways to improve outdoor space lighting that can add even more value to your home.

  • Porch or Patio Lights
    Porches, porticos, patios, and decks all look better when you select classy light fixtures. You can do a lot with strand lighting, lanterns, sconce lights, solar lights, and more. Your outdoor areas have many angles and places to hide direct/indirect light sources.
  • Sidewalk or Driveway Lights
    The best way to make your home more inviting is to add tasteful lighting to your sidewalks, driveway, and gardens. It gets even better, though, because this is also a terrific way to improve security since exterior lighting deters trespassers.
  • Pool or Hot Tub Lights
    It’s unsafe to swim at night without lighting. This is yet another place to explore LED possibilities. Just make sure you get an electrician involved with this work because it requires careful waterproofing.

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