Tips for Extending the Life of Your Electrical Appliances

tips extending life electrical appliances kansas city

Just because your electrical appliances have a life expectancy doesn’t mean that’s what you should expect. With proper care and maintenance, your appliances, big and small, should last at least their expectancy, and beyond.

There isn’t much effort required when it comes to keeping your electrical appliances in top running order. If you do these on a regular basis then it is much easier rather than waiting until it really does require effort.

Keeping Your Appliances Working Longer

Larger electrical appliances are not cheap to replace, so it’s well within your interests to keep them working as long as possible.


You need to keep your dishwasher clean inside and out. It’s always best to rinse the food bits off before putting the dishes inside. Clean off anything sticky or clumps that can block the drains or gears.

If your dishwasher has a manual-clean filter, clean it regularly according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Wipe down the door gasket from time to time to avoid food buildup and odors.

When loading, make sure the silverware and dishes are placed so that they don’t catch the spray arms and damage them. Also, make sure they don’t come loose and fly around inside, causing damage, getting broken, and jamming up the inner works.


Keep your refrigerator clean inside and out, as well. Giving it a good clean on a regular basis will keep it running much better and much longer. Take everything out and clean it so there is nothing that can block the drains or build up.

Anything missed can mold and start to really smell. This will affect all the food in the fridge. Wipe door gaskets with mild detergent and water, nothing too harsh. Wipe the front and the top.

Clean the compressor coils every few months. Check your owner’s manual for the coils’ location, then vacuum them with a soft brush attachment or wipe them with a damp cloth.

Don’t pack it too full so that air can circulate around and the compressor doesn’t have to work as hard. Clean spills right away.


Never drag heavy pots and pans from one element to another. If the elements get food spilled on them, remove them and clean them completely. With gas cooktop burners, clean food particles from between the slots in the burner head to make sure you get an even flame, and they don’t burn.

Keep the oven clean inside when food boils over and makes a mess. It’s much harder to remove after it gets repeatedly burned on. If you have a self-cleaning feature, use it on occasion to give it a good cleaning.


Clean the grit from the screens where the hoses attach to the washer. Wipe out the inside of the washer after each use to remove any threads, grit, dirt, or other debris.

Don’t stuff the washer over its recommended capacity. Don’t use too much soap or detergent. Make sure the machine sits on a level and well-supported surface to prevent excessive vibration.


Clean the lint filter after each use. Check the exhaust duct now and then, especially if you find that the dryer isn’t heating up or takes a long time to dry the clothes.

Clean the duct regularly to keep it from clogging with lint, which is a fire hazard. If you use dryer sheets, clean the moisture sensor strips inside the dryer with a little rubbing alcohol to remove film buildup.

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